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So, yeah. This isn't really an Ikonboard poll because they can't handle so many different polls. Ok, so...

1. What internet browser are you running?

2. Is your moniter bright enough for you to see a faint checkerboard background on the entry page and behind the rest of the site (don't change this if you can't see it unless you want to)?

3. Can you see 2 red arrow images which are used for navigation in place of a scrollbar?

4. If there is anything you would change about the website, what would it be?

5. (less important) If Ante gets off his lazy bum and does some stuff, what kind of new content would you like to see on the website?

I'll try to fix my website as best as I can to suit everybody's needs. I run in IE6 and it's what I reccommend because I have no trouble with anything. I also have a somewhat young and healthy moniter which I can see everything fine on. Of course, I can't go around and tell you all to buy new moniters, so if brightness is an issue I will make my website a tad bit brighter (to the point at which if you still have trouble seeing it and your brightness is all the way up, you'd probobly need a new moniter or a program to make it brighter, such as the new nvidia drivers that saved my dad's doomed moniter. Hopefully you'll find one which works with your video card). So, yeah, please take this poll so I can make you all happy.

Every thing works for me

1. Mozilla 1.5 (though I tested with IE 5 too)

2. Yes, I can see the BG fine.

3. I can see the arrows fine with Mozilla, but they are not there in IE. In fact, in IE the only way I could scroll down in that box was by selecting some text and draging down to select the stuff.  Everything is not perfect with Mozilla however. Although the arrows are there, at the very bottom of the page I get a bunch of what looks like code. That's not there in IE. Also in Mozilla, when you double click the scroll arrows a box listing errors pops up. (though the site still works fine). I wanted to test that in IE, but can't because there are no arrows to test.

4. At first I was going to suggest making the font easier to read, but seeing that the theme is your pixel art, that fits in there good. However, not a seggestion really but more of a question, why is everthing red. I guess what I'm asking is what mood are you trying to express with the red. (probably art classes showing themselves here)

5. I can't help you here. The content has to be want you want as much as anything.

beyond the darkness:
1-Internet Explorer
2 onwards-No

Vararam: Can you give me the stuff that looks like code? I might be able to fix it.

I should also add that if I had the version of the operating system you are running. I already figured out that it wouldn't run in IE5 when I full-restored my computer (which originally came with it).


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