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On your siite, you appear to mention one of your sprites (nice work btw) a game of some description. I was just wondering what game exactly...

It's a game I've been hoping to make. I don't want to give too many details, but it will be a 3-part, anthropomorphic rpg. I'm not sure what kind of systems I'll use for battles and magic, so I'm taking suggestions there. I could use a bit more elaboration on character design as well, since mine isn't very good. Anyway, it's a sort of 'olde' setting, something you'd see in a classic Final Fantasy. I'll also be using similiar classes, such as mages, fighters, ect., but they will be limited to certain characters like newer Final Fantasies. As for the name, I have yet to find something good to call it, though I know the basis of it.

So anyway, I hope I answered your question. Thanks for stopping by my site.

Ah, Id suggest using rpg maker 2000 / 2003 as an engine. it already has basic systems in place and requires very little int he way of programming... I cant remember the links to download it at the moment, but i'll dredge them up at some point.

Well, I'll be working in Game Maker, but at a similiar resolution. I don't really like rpgmaker 2000 and the English version is pirated anyway. With game maker, I'm not stuck with the same systems, I get tons of flexability. With game maker, they only give you physics systems and stuff, everything else you have to do yourself, so it's really customizable. Just about any 2d game is possible in it and some sprite-based 3d games as well. So, yeah, that's why I'm asking about systems. I'll probobly just use a level-up system with some magic limited to certain accesories and weapons, or maybe a system where you level up the skills of the weapon. With all that, though, I'd have to have a system where you take a turn to change your weapon. That'll get rid of that whole crappy rpg thing where you just sell your crappy weapons. Now you'll want to keep certain weapons for certain spells and skills. Of course, the fighter won't have skills limited to the weapon; that wouldn't make sense. I'm still thinking of all of this though, I'm still taking suggestions.

I keep a touch on the rpg maker community, and ive seen exactly the system youve described, rpg maker is incredibly flexible for what it is, if you know how to make it work.


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