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Ok, I keep seeing your forum here sitting idle. Since you haven't posted anything for youself, Katty, I will for you!

Post here what you have new, like the flash things you showed me today on ICQ!

You have great stuff. If you have it, flaunt it girl!!  

Patrick Rangerwolf:
I agree with Kada-Ru.

I love your stuff.  Let's see more.


I'm still trying to get her to check this out.

Nya, I'm sorry I'm all late and wrong.  I guess I'm....shy?  
hehehe.  Nah...I dunno.  I'm flattered to have a forum, though!  =^^=  But hey, Kada-Ru, you wanted me to post a link to The Hamtarodance, didn't ya?  =^_^=

Thanks y'all!
-Cuddly Battleship Kattywampus

Well, if you have any new releases or something you feel you want to babble about here, this is the place.


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