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Dia Dhuit My Friends,

   This is my official notice to let you know that a new project is being born this week. This project began as a simple idea spoken of in a car ride to New Orleans on New Year's Eve 2003. The idea was broken down and worked out in great detail so that it would hopefully become easier to work with. Not only the idea was thought of, but also the possible implications and impacts the project may have on the world once it finally gets up and running.

    What is this project? That is what you are probably asking yourself right now. Well, I will fill you in on some of the details. This project started out as a simple story line that became a full fledged book. The book may advance to the point of a series if I, the writer, can work out enough details to lengthen the existing idea. Not only is it a story now though, it has also become the basis for what I hope may become a factual company one day.

     Now you want to know what the story is about, right? Well, we have all heard of the 'bad' things that many homosexuals experience growing up or even in their later years, the fears and stress. This idea has been written into T.V. shows such as 'Queer As Folk' and even into quite a few books. So what makes this idea different? Well, what if instead of the homosexual growing up in a mostly heterosexual world, it were the heterosexual growing up in a world where homosexuality was what was accepted? I know, this is a shock and may cause some people to think that it is a stab at heterosexuals or maybe just a lashing out made by a homosexual to compensate for his own earlier experiences. Well that shock is exactly what I am going for. I want readers to get done and be like, "Wow!" Or the simple idea of the story to blow people's minds. This is the basis for the very name of this project and I hope that it will become more than what I dream for it one day.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to welcome you to the:

             ~Culture Shock~ Project

Update: Chapter one is nearly completed and the idea is still flowing. Free time to write is rare, but that is usual. Hope to have more completed soon and sent out to a few furs that I have asked for and been asked to revise it and all for me to tell me if its any good and what mistakes I am making. English and grammar are not my strong suits.

Patrick Rangerwolf:
Send me a copy.  I'll check it out for you.


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