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You did it again! lol


Well, your art is what got me using Prisma markers and pencils. Now, I'm including some of how you do your backgrounds to improve on mine! You have always been my inspiration to use other materials! And to practice improving my own skills/techniques!

My latest piece is in my section if you wish to see what I am talking about!

I used to hate doing backgrounds so much. Now they're really fun. I used to be sooooo bad at drawing any kind of background. It's all about practice, I think.

I'm always inspired by what other artists do, too. It's weird, I guess we're all like people who skate and have to do crazy tricks just because their friends are doing it, too. Every time I see an artist do something cool, I want to try it, too.

Thanks for letting me know, though. It makes me feel really good to know I'm useful.

I'm going to run over and check out your art right now.

*giggles* Yes, you were the one that inspired me to start using markers and now to vary my colors for added effect! *hugs*

Keep up the great work!


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