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Cowboy Rabbit riding a fox series. Art from my showcase.

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Old Rabbit:
A drawing I did a while back of a rabbit riding a fox
like a horse.

I kind of imagine this rabbit better be careful with
the dismount. The fox looks like he might not be too
happy having been tricked into being the rabbits
horse.  :D

Comments welcome as always.

Scroll down for next picture.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

Serra Belvoule:
I totally pictured a different thing when I saw this post's title... And I was like "no way, he wouldn't..."
So relieved :3
This one's really cute ^^ I can picture them jumping over a fence and galloping around the mountain! :3 <3

That drawing is too cute! the rabbit looks really happy! And the fox has that strange, unique style. very nice drawing Old Rabbit! (not to mention the awesome hat the rabbit is wearing!)

Old Rabbit:
Thank you for the nice comments. I do have another one in
work.  Hope to post it soon.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

Kay Alett:
I like the colors, the picture seems to almost leap out at you.


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