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Anthro Skunk girl warrior. Art from my showcase.


Old Rabbit:
We don't have too many skunk characters so I thought a
skunk  girl warrior would make a interesting subject.


Comments welcome as always.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

Serra Belvoule:
Ah! A fresh new artwork piece! I'm sorry I was away for too long that I couldn't praise your artwork properly!
I have to say, you've got a nice thing going here. The breastplate certainly looks fitting, not too heavy but not too light.
While the theme in particular isn't of my biggest interests, I do agree with you, there's not enough skunk art out there, and the world could use more powerful females :3
 (: I certainly think this is a nice piece of art to add to your magnificent record!

Old Rabbit:
Hi Serra. It's been a while..   Thank you very much for your nice comments.   Yes I enjoy
drawing skunks now and then.  After all they make interesting subjects, and
we could use more of them.

It's always nice to give a female a good strong role too. :orbunny:


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