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A dragon drawing from my art showcase.


Old Rabbit:
Here is a dragon drawing I did by request. I found it
to be a challenge as I don't draw dragons often. I
enjoy trying something different now and then.  :orbunny:

Comments welcome as always.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

That is one big dragon, compared to the mountains he's sitting on. I really like it. I was trying to find some fault with it, because although it's great hearing that your art is good, it also helps to have the occasional constructive criticism. Unfortunately I couldn't find any fault except the size of the dragon, but dragons can be that big or even bigger! So I guess I'm just another "You did a great Job!" guys. Still... it was a good dragon... so keep up the great work. (I agree, dragons are hard! :D)

Old Rabbit:
Thank you Furryglowstick for your helpful comments.

I hadn't really noticed how the background made the
dragon look so very large. He was supposed to be sitting
on the crest of a small ridge. I should have added some
details to show that.

Thanks again.. :orbunny:

Makes me want to try digital painting. (This is digital right?? Some things about it make me think 'digital' and others, 'no, it's gotta be real paint!')

As far as trying to find fault with it goes, I think I can list a few things so long as it's understood I like the dragon overall :3

- Overall, some shadows could be more pronounced. This strikes me most within the dragon's mouth; light shouldn't be getting in there unless this is flash photography. So the dragon looks flatter and less dramatic to me since the shadows are so mellow.
- The orange in the mountains has a sharp line where it's not there anymore, it kind of draws the eye away from the dragon.
- The clouds are a bit monotonous

I can totally picture him sitting on a little ridge, and the two snow-caps being farther away in the distance; but my first thought was that he was huge and must have a hard time breathing way up there. :) I can even see that those mountains in the back are colored a little different to push them away from being connected to the ridge. Maybe if they were blueish from the distance it would help? or something like that...

Old Rabbit:

Thanks for the comments about the shadows, clouds and mountain colors.

When I did this I was doing it on request, so the background was a after
thought.. Yes it's a digital drawing using a wacom drawing pad..

Shadows and shading are kind of tricky for me. But I appreciate your
comments about them. It's always nice to get helpful comments.

Thanks again, and glad you like the dragon overall.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:


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