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Here's a quick inked sketch I did for a friend of mine. He's the author of a funny furry webcomic, Badly Drawn Kitties.

Lucy is the main character and I couldn't resist drawing her after she had her make over.  

Not at all bad...I see where you are going and I love the direction. Might I sugguest making the heads of your figures a bit smaller though? It looks slightly out of proportion with the bodies. I dont mean in the comic style illustrations, obviously, as they are ment to look like that.

You know, I've heard that before and I've tried sizing them down but it seems too 'off' when I do. I don't know why because even I can see that the heads on my work are larger than life porportionately.

It's always a learning process though and I keep trying to find just the right ways of doing my art that makes me proud of it.  

Thanks for the feedback. Constructive critism is always welcome.  

Another sketch I cooked up at 3 am is this:

Stylistic Dragon

I was pondering a unique car decal design for a dark blue car and this popped into my head.

Nice pieces, Sumarra!

"Lucy" looks a bit miffed at something/someone?

I like the idea you used for the "Stylistic Dragon"! I think that would make a great decal! You going to do some more in this style?


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