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A kitty Juggler animation. from my Art showcase.

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Nice animation, as Natura said :3
I'm curious, how did you make it?

Old Rabbit:
Hi Keo.

I am glad you enjoyed the animation, and thank you for
the comments.

I used the ImageReady software that comes with Photoshop
to create the gif animation.

I found a man juggling 3 balls in a YouTube video to help
get the animation to look reasonably good.

It only has 10 frames. I could have had more frames, but
I was trying to keep the file size small.

I imagine one could use most any gif animation software to
do the same. The nice thing with ImageReady is the ability to
compress the file size after the animation is done.

Took a bit of time to make, and it's far from perfect, but it was just
for fun. :orbunny:

Thanks again.

Old Rabbit :orbunny:


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