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New Art! 2/06

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::::: I'm posting new art and links in this topic instead of starting new topics for each peice. Please scroll to the last page to see my latest work. :::::

I know, I'm a bad kitty for not posting anything for so long. I've been working too much this past year that I haven't had time for anything other than the bare necessities.

So I'll update you here with the few things I did so far this year.

First was a sketch I did in Skitzo Kitty's sketchbook at FC'04. Done with pencils:
Skitzo's dragon sketch

Second was a sketch of my husband's character, Quinthera. Inked:

Third was a pic I did with Quin and Sumarra sharing some quality grooming time. Inked:

And last I did about a week ago. We moved to Washington State last month and I'm still burried in boxes and packing materials. Pencils:

And since I've moved to the states I'm waiting for residency papers which means I can't join the work force, leaving me with a lot more time on my hands. So I've finally been able to get caught up!  

Welcome back Summarra .  

Your artwork is as great as ever.

Thanks Rush! I'm glad to be back.  

I just finished this piece yesturday and I'm pretty happy with it. Left over from Conifur04, 'Mac' is a combination of tabbycat, wolf, and horse... heh, it was a challenge.  

Tria markers and color pencils. Mac is © her creator.


Elix, a friend of mine over in Vancouver Island, BC showed me a new outfit of his on Taps. It inspired me and this is what happened!

MallCat (rated G)



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