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Conifur 2004: Seemed quieter this year than it was last year. Now that I live rather close to Tacoma I was able to attend very easily and covered the hotel cost with my sales this year. Nothing sold in the artshow, however, so I will be putting a few originals up for auction soon. It felt as though there weren't as many people there this year but still the warm and friendly atmosphere as always. I really enjoyed myself and was happy to meet a few furs close by my new home.

My 5 y/o son, 'Dennis' attended the con some on Friday and Sunday and wanted to be just like mom so he drew a badge for one of my friends, Lazar. Lazar then showed it to some people and next thing you know I had an enthusiastic Kenket at our table wanting to do an art trade with him for a badge. Dennis did a few art trades over the weekend and it was adorable. He even picked a fursona for himself for the first time - Dennis the red dalmatian with rainbow colored spots who is a pizza fanatic. *laughs* Everyone loved him and his energy for furry art. We speculate that he may be the youngest furry artist in the fandom to barter for his work.

Dennis the Dalmatian by Montaine

Conifur NW 2005

It was a bit of a mess at the start of the con this year. The constaff lost some people and their domain went haywaire for about 6 months. Lost emails and a locked website made it difficult for the con to reach it's full potential. They moved hotels on top of that and I think all of that scared some of the public away.

But despite all of that they worked their asses off and pulled it off yet again. It was as fun as usual for me even though 90% of it I spent behind my table working. Got to see a few furs I haven't seen in at least a year or two and I loved being in the dealer's den.

I sold many badges and sketchbooks, a few prints, and 1 coloring book (There is usually more cubs running around at the cons but I saw only 1 this year). None of my original's sold in the art show but I brought them back to the table on Sunday and two went right away. All in all, I nearly broke even this year. I had enough to cover all my costs save for the room cost so next year I hope to break even.

I have most of the commissions from the con scanned save a couple I did after the den closed. If you have a sketchbook or badge done by me and it's not up on my site please send me a scan! I would love to add it to the rest.


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