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Here we go. I place to announce story ideas.

I'm in the process of writing an adult story (between my MFM Con Book projects, and other things).

It involves me and Two others. (I must obtain permission touse the character names or change them). It is a homosexual story that contains pet/slave and foot fetish.

Well, I need to get to work on my writing.

Well, I'm working on getting this story completed. I am writing it from an RP log so the story is there, just got to type it out in an understandable manner. The log is around 15 pages, and I am on page seven of it. The stroy is just now going on to page 4, so it seems that it will be a long story.

Your friend was rather pissy when I didnt wish to role play with him. He said something about "telling you" so I thought I would tell you first *winks*.

He told me, but I understand why you did not. I do not think either one of us could keep up with you my friend. Tis no big deal to me.

*Shrugs* Ive role played alot...even pros have a hard time. Its intimidating so I have been told. I cant see how creativity could be intimidating. I do understand about not being able to type fast or long scentances though. Ill still swing by and say hi to my friend though *Grins*


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