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Where do I wonder

I wondered down a long and arduos road. It was a road full of potholes, glass and nails, and speed traps. When I reached this roads end what had I wondered to? Twas life's abyss, where I sat and contemplated existance. Was there some greater purpose? Was there a reason for this corporial being to remain on this world? As my thoughts gathered a fog of hatred, formed by society, gathered around them. Obscuring them from my mind's eye. Through the fog and possibly other factors, my answer came up as NO. I felt my shoulders drop and my heart speed up. I began to take the final step. One to remove me from this existance. More thoughts came rushing in. Would anyone miss me? Is there a reason to stop myself? Once more the fog clouded my thoughts and I started to bring my foot down. Friends appeared and pulled me back, the air filled with a most wonderous song. They saved me, I saw, from a horrible mistake. The fog dissipating with thier presence. Now we travel a different route. A road broad and straight. No bumps to jiggle the wheel and no authority to stop our passage of joy. The wonderful music from before, blaring from the radio.... "Who made this true?, No, its not right, You make it through, Hurting all the time, And you just don't know why, They don't know you, Not inside, They have issues, Fighting all the time, Has made them lose their insight," and all seems right with the world..

Now that I think about it. I guess this would make a pretty good poem or story... YAY!

O.o I thought it was a story. I like it either way. It has a way of making me listen to it and see the details your portrayed. Good writing.


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