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I've started turning a few of my art pieces into desktops for my list members.

Becky - 'Redhead in a Red Dress' (Rated G)
'Your Place or Mine' (Rated G)
'Try and Take it!' (Rated G)

Becky - 'Redhead in a Red Dress'. Just right click image>save as.

If you would like some of the others I have made I invite you to my mailing list, Join Here. It's a spam, advert, and chatter free list where I send out approximately 6-12 updates a year on my art and con goings. List members get special prices on prints, free stuff like these desktops, and when the list is big enough there will be private auctions for the members only.

I've made a couple more wallpapers to tease you all with.  

Quinthera (Rated G)
King in Play (Rated X)

But you still have to Join my mailing list to get them! hehe.    


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