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FC 2006


I'm going! So look for me there and say hi!
If I'm lucky I'll find room to put some things up in the art show but there's no guarantee. And I'll be toting my Tarot deck along and doing readings for furs.

See you there!  

Further Confusion 2005
The con was busy! Rumored to have over 1800 attendees this year. Quin and I both went, much thanks to our friend Branduff for making it possible - who makes reciprocating as difficult as pulling wisdom teeth but is going to get it none the less! *grins* We had a great time though. I set out _not_ to work at this con and managed to get away with only doing one badge, one sketchbook, and a little on 'Yours' a new sketch I'll be showing in another topic.

I saw many friends whom I haven't seen for a long while and managed to learn quite a bit about properly matting and framing my art. Caught 2 The Ranting Gryphon's show and split both sides. If you haven't heard this comic's rants before I suggest you go to his site and give it a try.
(Warning! Adult and Offensive opinions lay within)

2 the ranting gryphon

Nothing went in the art show this year and I'm not surprised. It was incredibly competetive for excellent art that far surpassed my abilities.

So another year passes and I have grown a little wiser, a little older, and a little sillier for it.

Further Confusion 2006

This year was a whole new experience for me. Previously I would help out with setup, take down, and door duty for the art show but not this time. I met up with Ch'marr on Thursday and discovered that he was Art Show Lead this year. Alone. So I offered to help him out and ended up as Co-Lead. It was most exciting! It takes a _lot_ of work to run an art show as I discovered. I absolutely loved the job and working together with Ch'marr, Warren, Paul, Frost, and Dave was a treat. Everyone got along well. The volounteers were priceless to us for getting things done.

As a result of that job I didn't get to see much of the Con other than the Auction on Sunday which I was working in. It was really fun to egg the bidders on as I displayed the art to them with little whispers of how much they wanted to take that particular piece home. :P

I brought my ren dress to play around with the theme of the con. So I managed to get away once or twice for a walk-around. But all in all I have no regrets about working the show even if I missed all the panels and events. I was really sad to see it end on Monday.

I did manage to get a couple of sketches off in some random sketchbooks in the Creator's Lounge and I hope I get a scan of them sent to me soon. I'll be posting some new art within the next week but there isn't much from this con.


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