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Well, I've talked about doing portfolios before and such but I never really committed to anything. Now I finally found something that I desire to do and have started work on. A g-rated coloring book. I started by printing out a few things for my cub to color and it made sense that others like doing that when I saw the hit stats my line art get compared to all my colored work. So I'm making a book. So far I have 4 images in clean line-art to add.

I'd like to know what you think I should put in the book? What kind of g-rated image would you want included?

well, I completed the coloring book before Conifur 05 and brought them with me with high hopes for selling. Unfortunately there were almost no cubs at the con so only one went. Instead I took a few to FC and gave them away as free advertising. They certainly went like hotcakes when I said 'free' in the creator's lounge.


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