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Yep. in progress page......
Let's seee...   I've got art and music.

First off is this MURRman.... He's my version of Marino from Puzzle Bobble 4.  I sketched it last night after I beat the versus cpu mode with his character.  So... introducing... Marino!  
I call it a work in progress, 'cause I like it enough to possibly do something with it.

Secondly, these unsorted pics of Random Kangaroo have been sitting around for ages.  I wanna do an animation or a series of stills of him breakdancing in all his 80's glory. here and here for Random breakin'.!

The first one is a spinoff of a parody of a song we played in percussion enemble last year.  I call it Jungle Juice, although the original is called Mo' Java.

The second is a remix of the original theme to Furcadia.

The third is a remix of Kat Trax!  It's obviously not clean right now.  But, hehe, it's a work in progress.

So here they are:

Jungle Juice

Furcadia Original Theme Remix

Kat Trax:  Behind My Scratching Post (remix)

Questions, comments, and hatemail... BEGIN!

I haven't listened to the music yet but I love your sketches!

Yay for Random!!

You plan on coloring these?

I might just color them or redraw them on a larger medium and paint them, if I get to liking them more.  =^_^=

Glad ya like Random, though.. he seems to grow on people.  =^_^=


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