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Drake Blackpaw:
Hey all,

Welcome to my forum.  It took me awhile to get everything ready, but I finally have my site up on Furtopia and I am ready to start posting some of my work.  I welcome all of you to check it out:

Drake's Den of Music, Poetry and Stories

My work ranges from general audience to adult.  Anything posts involving work of an adult nature will be clearly marked as such.  As a courtesy to others, please follow this example with your posts as well.

Feel free to post constructive criticism on any of my work. I'm striving to get better so welcome comments that help me improve my skills.  If you just want to say you like it, definitely please do!  

Welcome again,

Congrats on the opening of your site my friend. You said it took a while to get everything together, but you know what they say, "You cannot rush genius." *laughs* I will give you praise I know that ahead of time, and I will try to give you criticism too.

And first the praise:
The site itself is simple and easily navigated. Tis nice to see another going the simple route that I did. Tis something that is quite refreshing after spending time on huge, mega flash sites.

And as for your poetry...
The adult rated one is excellent, truly brings across the want and desire, the excstacy and joy found in the act of love making. Kudos on the work.

"Ode to My Tail" is, as I have stated before, quite wonderful. Its humorous and at the same time truthful. It brings a smile to my muzzle.

"Feeding the Blind" Tis a great work, flowing through the ryhmes and bringing acros the sadness and angst, or atleast that is what I get out of it.

And now for the criticism:
The site, like I said, is simplicity in itself. This makes it great, but the color scheme. Grey, everything is grey. If that is what you want then go for it. Maybe try a purple or something. *shrugs* Just my opinion.

The adult poem I have nothing to complain or criticize really. I mean it is a well written piece and the only thing I don't like about it is a matter of personal choice so tis not important to post it here.

"Ode to My Tail" brought a tear to my eye the first time you posted it, along with the smile.  It makes me sad that I lack such a tail myself. That is my only complaint.

"Feeding th Blind" This poem is dark and brooding. I know I write many like this too. Tis a way to release some inner demons usually. So this poem caused me concern that perhaps you had something bad happen to you. Yet  again I lack anything o criticize.

I tried to criticize. I looked over and over your poems and found nothing to say against them really. As for you music that will have to wait for another time. Good Luck on your site Drake.

Drake Blackpaw:
Thanks for the feedback Mane!

*Sighs* I do need to do something to liven up the site a little.  It's that big question, do I work on the site or the content for it.  I'll think on it a little and see what I can come up with.

The feeding the blind poem came out of a discussion with a personal coach I'm working with about self-generated fear holding me back.  The poem became particularly dark because I came up with it soon after reading one of the strips in the webcomic Lacunae by Silverblue, which is a really dark webcomic.



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