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Well, I made this post as a place to talk about my life and not be really bragging or sem to be trooling for sympathy.

Recent Events:

I have been accepted to college at the University of West Alabama in Livingston. I have recieved a letter from them saying that I have been awarded a thousand dollar a semester scholarship if I live on campus. So I will be moving soon then.

Drake Blackpaw:
Great! And congrats on the scholarship.

You learn so much in college. I mean besides the stuff you go to class for.  Hopefully you already know how to do laundry and some basic cooking.


Quote (Drake Blackpaw @ Aug. 12 2003, 2:10 pm)Great! And congrats on the scholarship.

You learn so much in college. I mean besides the stuff you go to class for.  Hopefully you already know how to do laundry and some basic cooking.

Thanks Drake. They kinda screwed me over though. Yeah, I get $1000, but I have to live in a dorm to get it ($580) and to live in a dorm I have to have a meal ticket ($700). Though I save on gas, they have kagged me up in the long run. Now I have to buy a wireless net card so I can have net access. The dorms have no connections for anything.


Recent Events:

Thought I found some one who really cared.... Went out with him for about 2 weeks and all was fine.... 2 more weeks and he got mad if I went somewhere without him. Yelled at me for talking to anyone that had pisssed him off at some time or another. Threatened suicide if I wasn't around when he wanted me to be. So I have left him. He has flooded my email, voice mail, and called my house quite a few times now and is officially blocked from them. Oh well on to other things.

I will be moving to UWA on Sunday 8/17/03 and may be without net access till a tech can come in to make sure I have installed my  wireless card right.... Bah! I know comps enough to rebuild one from the chipset, but that is not good enough heh..

Not So Recent Events:

During my emotional trauma, I am not sure if I told any of you this, but now that I feel better I think that I can tell the few that actually check my forum something that happened to me that has left me shaken and looking over my shoulder...

I was sitting at home on the net, when a call came in. My dad had hurt his back at work again so I rushed to the hospital to see him. Well, he was fine so I decided to go home and sleep a little. I used my keyless entry to open my door and then I leaned in to rearrange a few things in my car. Then I suddenly felt hands on my butt. Sopme guy had walked up and grabbed me, talking about how much fun he was gonna have with me.... I was scared yes, but I was pissed. I grabbed a pole I keep in my car and my knife and turned to face him before proceeding to beat him. Well, the cops showed up and stopped everything and after giving my statement I was allowed to go home. I got a call from them a few days later. The guy pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a few years. My parents have no clue that it happened and hopefully never will.

Ok, so its out in the open to you.

Mane is now mobile. Yep, I fell under the craze and got a cellphone. Its an old one and I went and got it activated a prepaid at cingular. Needed it since my dorm has no where for a phone.

YIKES! Manethran! I'm glad you are ok. Geesh.... you can't even look in your car for something. Was this in the hospital parking lot and how in the world did the cops know to show up? Geesh... spooky.

I'm sorry to hear about the relationship. I do hope you find someone that will care for YOU. It will happen.

It sounds like a rip at college. At least you will be able to get on the internet now?

I am sorry for not responding so much sooner. I hope things are going better now for you.


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