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New song: Dark Rituals

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Drake Blackpaw:
This is my latest, (actually only second), electronic music piece:  Dark Rituals mp3

The whole song was done using FLStudio 4.  A program I feel that I still just learning. It has a slightly dark sinister sound matched to a groovy beat.  

Please check it out, and look at the rest of my site if you have the time.  

Drake's Den

chimera soul:
hey drake*pounces and hugs*
dark rituals is a kick butt mp3. it's better than anything i could make. you should meke some more. i'd sure be interested to hear it.

beyond the darkness:
I agree with Chimera, it's pretty damn good. *Hugs*

Firstly, let me ask you this question;

How many songs have you made?

This doesnt sound like a first attempt at all but it doesnt sound like you have had a ton of experiance in the making of these sorts of tunes. It may just be the program your using. Honestly I cant place exactly what it is that makes it un-appealing to the ear. I do know the Guitar sounds should have been replaced with something else...maybe real Guitar sound clips? The sound your using now reminds me of really old sega games.

The beat should be a bit more constant, as in not spaced out so much like it was a slow song. (Although it is.) It just doesnt get the blood pumping like I can tell you wanted it to. That sort of rythem would be used in a waltz.

Over all its not that bad...but it could use afew remakes and some serious additions to make it feel complete and done. (And not like I am listening to old game music )

Hope this helped some...good thing about digital or any music is you can always add to it or change it later.

Some of your other songs sound great. But you gotta kill your MIDI board hard and get a Korg or something.

I'll be happy to listen to it after WS gets my sound back on my computer from its catrastrophy!


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