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Title: Alt-Right Furries
Post by: Kobuk on December 31, 2020, 11:21:30 am
There is more political divisivness today than at any other time in American history. At least, that's what most people and news commentators think.
So the question is, What happens when that political divisiveness gets into the furry fandom? What if it grows and starts becoming a problem? Then what? How will the furry fandom and conventions handle it?

What are everybody's thoughts on this subject matter? Will it dominate and take over the furry fandom much like the adult aspect has?
Will there be a resurgence of the version "Burned Furs 2.0" who will try to push out the alt-right furries?
How will future conventions handle such furs/groups?

What are your thoughts on the whole matter?
Title: Re: Alt-Right Furries
Post by: Jade Sinapu on January 01, 2021, 12:55:30 pm
To tell the truth, I may not know enough about past issues to relate well.
I do know that Rocky Mountain FurCon used to have issues with Nazi Furs at times who apparently got a little threatening.
That con died.  But supposedly because of money matters.

I would like to see Furry culture be available to all.  leftie or rightie

For me, it really is, the basics.  Want to be a anthro? You are a furry. Want to read/write furry stories, cool!  The adult parts for me are not the 100% attraction.  And if furry gets too political, too racial, too sexual (which it is a lot now), and if it gets too mean and scary, I'm out.  I have lots of other things to do in my life.  Furry was my mostly innocent/silly/zany hobby.  So if we can all get a long cool.  SO for me, again, I would say allow all who are furs, and work together. Not sure how that is done.
Title: Re: Alt-Right Furries
Post by: cause the rat on January 01, 2021, 06:21:24 pm
I got banned from one furry forum for calling an alt right furry 'human trash'. Never been back.

I do have a hypothesis on this subject. That's a fancy word for uneducated guess.  :D

People crave both diversity and acceptance. They look for and accept neither. Their belief leaves them with nothing but reasons to hate both of these basic human needs. This causes a psychological deficit. The furry fandom is divers based. No singular cannon. It celebrates the individual creation of each member. Thus excepting the individual as is. The very opposite of any hate group's basic cannon. This is the reason hate groups are both fascinate and attracted to fandoms like furry. They offer to fulfill what this type of people are missing in their lives. Unfortunately when your life is centered around hate turning this attraction into a reality causes conflict. The individual becomes unwilling to leave years of hate and prejudice and becomes uncomfortable. This can lead to some trying to find acceptance for their personal beliefs from others within the fandom. Finding no acceptance can lead some with the desire to lash out.

 Personally I like to think of the furry fandom as their gate way out of the personal hell they've put themselves through. The closest thing to reality this type of people experience is our fantasy.
Title: Re: Alt-Right Furries
Post by: Jade Sinapu on January 02, 2021, 11:49:33 pm
 That is actually well said Cause!

I watched a documentary on people who escaped white supremacy cults.  They were craving acceptance and structure and,well , many things.  I do see how furry could be very interesting to some in that situation.

To be banned from a place or forums for calling someone human trash makes some sense, but also seems excessive too.   The person may have truly been terrible and caustic and such a comment may have been true! But the forum rules may have got you kicked out.  But if that person is that bad,  and I suspect they were,  the forum that allows them in there is hurting its self.

I guess if I was at a convention or forum,  and a hate - filled person who was part of a far right area started causing trouble,  I'd probably try to reason with then a bit then ignore . I would like to show them they don't need to hate,  and that they would get more by being nice etc. 
Once in junior high school,  a kid picked on me etc and hated on me.  I told him I liked him and would be friends.  With a day or two he changed a lot and by end of next year we were decent friends.  He was just lonely needed a friend,  and for some reason found me to pick on. I wonder what happened to him...hmm.
Title: Re: Alt-Right Furries
Post by: cause the rat on January 03, 2021, 12:48:41 am
I have nothing against the forum. And i know I clearly broke the rules. And I could have went back on after my three days off were over.  Didn't want to. My decision.

I've talked to one Bible thumper. They take everything completely out of context. All you would have to do is read one or two verses before they start and it's a completely different meaning. When I asked this person to read more I was told they didn't have to. They don't have to read anything more than what they are told. Kinda like some so called 'Christian religions'. Now i'm going to go all Bible on ya so you don't have to read anymore if this offends you.

Despite the fact it's written if you combined the curse of the law with salvation you forfeit your own salvation. You are no longer saved. Thee are people who gay bash using the curse of the law. By the way they are very selective on what curses they choose. None of them will stone their wives for activities before they got married. 
Title: Re: Alt-Right Furries
Post by: Kobuk on January 03, 2021, 03:14:44 pm
I really don't think politics and furries should be mixing in the fandom. The fandom is an "arts and crafts" community. Not a Join the Left or Join the Right or a Get Out the Vote, etc., etc. type of community. Granted, we're all entitled to our political opinions and allegiances, but why go to a furry con and see/hear more political ramblings and activities when people are already getting enough on tv, radio, Internet, magazines, newspapers, etc.
Title: Re: Alt-Right Furries
Post by: Jade Sinapu on January 04, 2021, 12:35:54 pm
Right Kobuk.

I have Ham radio as another hobby.  It has tenants such as promote the state of the art, do not compete with commercial broadcasters, do no harm / interference, experiment, no encryption allowed, represent your country as if all can hear you (because they can), help community and country in time of need, do not let ham radio take priority over life and family, do not talk about hot button topics, be polite and considerate.  In many ways it is like furry.  It is just to have fun and learn.  Furry is like that to me, I guess.

I believe some ones religious beliefs or lack of, or whatever, is personal, and even in families/spousal settings even.  Sometimes no point in sharing anything on it.  Ones belief is rarely same as anothers.  Science is supposed to be verifiable by all, regardless of belief and is even supposed to be challenged periodically.  Science and religion for an individual can coexist even.  Anyway...blah not really the topic here.

I know people's lives will bleed into the fandom, and sadly that can be part of their hateful stuff, or just differing opinions.  If we as furs get so closed of to all of the things we do not like, we turn into what we may not like.  Or at least that is what I wonder about.
Title: Re: Alt-Right Furries
Post by: BlueStreak on February 09, 2021, 12:06:36 pm
Politics are a part of people's lives, and they've been part of the fandom since long before I started in on it 14 years ago. You will never be able to completely separate the two, unless you never plan on getting to know anyone on more than a superficial level.

I find the initial comparison made between people opposing alt right furs and the Burned Furs to be a little perplexing, considering a lot of the alt right furs I've come into contact with share a LOT in common with the Burned Furs from back in the day.