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The departure of someone I know from here is always somewhat sad for me, but it's particularly sad for me to see you go; you were one of the first people I became acquainted with when I joined this community.  I hope that you find happiness, no matter where your new direction in life takes you.

Feel free to pester me on Steam or add me on whatever else you prefer to use (my preference is anything *but* MSN due to client glitchiness on my end).  I also wouldn't object to seeing you on the IRC now and again.

Storm Fox:
The opportunity for us to get to know one and other never really came up, but still, I’m sorry to see you go.
To think of the possibility that we could have even been friends, if only we were to log into IRC at the right times, or perhaps respond to different posts here on the forums.
(It’s strange to think about how things work out sometimes.)

…In any case, farewell and good journey to you.

Staff Note: This member has retired from their staff position to pursue other life interests. Their thread will remain here for archived/historical purposes. ;) Members can send their Goodbyes and Well Wishes via PM.


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