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Are you in the furry closet?

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Quote (Seelas @ July 16 2005, 1:45 am)As I hung out with this certain individual more and more, I realized that I was a furry as well. I'm out to him, but nobody else, mainly because I don't think they'll receive it too well. They all know how head over heels I am for him - they would probably think I was just copying him for the sake of it.
Hmm... well, from your post, it seems like your whole group has been friends with each other for quite a while, right? If this guy had fallen into your company one day all of a sudden, and he was like "Hey guys, I'm furry!", and a little while later you were suddenly like "Guess what, guys, I'm furry too!"... then yeah, I guess that'd probably be copying him. But it doesn't seem like that's the case. I mean, you've been friends with him for years, so you could have just gacked his idea any time if you'd had the desire to-- but you didn't. Instead, you underwent a gradual process of realization and arrived at the conclusion that you were a fur too.

Did that make any sense? I'm tired, I don't know if I'm babbling or not. I guess to sum up, I think the very fact that it wasn't a sudden but a gradual transition to furriness, should be enough to show them that this isn't a passing whimsy to get you closer to him. I wouldn't worry too much.


Your friends are your FRIENDS they should like you for YOU and the rest is irrelevant.

Mikael GRizzly:
This thread is a very helpful one, but it made me think, why are most of us hidden in a cupboard?

Maybe it's because we're simply different. Different from The Public-at-Large (hi, Simo ), which is plain, "normal", boring. But they are legion. In democracy (The worst system ever conceived, yet there is nothing better than it - Churchrill), those who are legion, are heard.

This, coupled with a very hy00man ability to be quick to pass judgements, expecially about things they do not understand/not want to understand (eg. our own furdom), is what causes hate.

Prejudice and no understanding.

Throughout our human history, the lack of understanding and prejudice were always at the core of tragedies in history.

The Crusades
The fall of Aztec empire.
The spanish inquisition
Pogroms of people, due to their race/religion/belief
World War II (erupted because of Nazi prejudice and selfloathing)

Another factor, especially nowadays, is the mass media's greed for quick, shalllow news, to satisfy average people apetite (the so-called mr and ms Smith/Kowalski) and meet the 5 minute attention limit.

Lastly, our culure is becoming more and more devoid of empathy, feelings and open-mindedness. Slowly, it becomes a barren wasteland, purged of all feelings, where

"[...] we live according to race, colour or creed
[...] we rule by blind madness and pure greed
Our lives dictated by tradition, superstition, false religion"

In such world, a fully fuzzy furry, a warm, kind hearted open person with an open mind, is seen as a potential threat. As are all people whose beliefs are different than the PAL's and the People In Control (PIC). That's why we are forced to the said cupboard. Untrustfullness, isolationism and lack of tolerance are slowly grasping control.

I hope they'll fail in their attempt. That what we believe in will survive and win through.

Meanwhile, let's not go slightly mad.


[DISCLAIMER: If anything was said before, stated or what I wrote sounds too vague to understand, that's because I find it hard to phrase my thoughts]

As I find more positive info. and articles about the furry fandom, I will be posting the links at the top of this thread in my original post. If anyfur else wishes to post some additional links to positive media that they find, they are more than welcome to do so.

i would consider myself a fur fan, but not a actual fur. oh yeah, why should you feel guilty about being a fur, and hiding it in the closet? its no different from any other subculture. its not like your gay or anything. dont worry about. believe me, i think most conservative parents would not freak as much than if you were gay. i just like the art, and my folks dont mind.


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