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Your Birthday wishing rabbit

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Kay Alett:
Old Rabbit! Happy birthday friend! *presents you with a small plate of cookies*
Don't worry, we'll all help you eat them. :D
71 and still going strong. I think Furtopia would be quiet and empty without you hopping through the halls and handing out birthday wishes and cookies to everyone. You're an icon here and we all love you. <3

Happy late birthday! I would've replied sooner, but uh... I was kinda busy?

cause the rat:
Holy cow Old Rabbit! Happy Birthday!

Iara Warriorfeather:
Happy belated birthday Old Rabbit! 71 years young!  :D

Old Rabbit:
Thanks everyfur. It warms my heart to have so many wishes
from all my friends.

:Old Rabbit :orbunny:


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