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What Are You Up To?

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cause the rat:
Getting ready to set up my internet browser on the new box. My out of date browser doesn't have an export feature for bookmarks. So I'm having to copy/paste each one at a time into a spread sheet. I have well over 500 bookmarks. Cooking, BBQ, Christmas, Halloween, Woodworking, Recording and making music, Making and modding guitars, Anime and Full movie sites, Writing, Science, History, Crafts, Oil painting, Guitar, Bass, Vocals and more. Like favorite online shopping sites. This will take hours. There's plenty I'm leaving behind. But for every one I don't keep there's 20 I do.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Working on a few short videos for FPS. Also a few things for my panel at next week's con.

Watching Playframe play through Kingdom Hearts! I'm at Dream Drop Distance. Why didn't I know It was a dream pet sim?

Rocket T. Coyote:
Getting breakfast together.


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