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The "Bad News" thread.

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Rocket T. Coyote:
I've been tapped to help pack up Mom's things for the move to assisted living. But it's on the same weekend as the local comic con. I'll need to inform the organizers I'm a no show this year.

CORRECTION--The "accidental" upgrade to the Rocketry Forum was actually something I forgot setting up. So all is well in that regard.

Jade Sinapu:
I've had a bad bout of depression this weekend and I'm heading into work tomorrow.  Unsure how I manage this.

I know my unstable job and fact I'm getting older and am unsure what job I can get in town combined with my cold hearted dog is much to blame but,  I keep going.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Lost a cousin a few day's ago. She'll be laid to rest next weekend.

We met some kids who were very gentle petting Eevee. The bad news when we asked them if they had a dog, they said their mom hates animals and they can't even have a fish for a pet! Is this woman normal?

Kay Alett:
I just found out that the organizer of the first fur con and a founder of the furry fandom, Mark Merlino has passed away.


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