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Bouncing Back In?


Hi all!
It's been A LONG TIME since I've peeked in here.  I joined around the time I was heavily into furry, and uh, it's still there.
I'm posting now under a secondary fursona, who is a cabbit named Blaize.  I adopted her a while back, and I consider her a mix between a Nebelung cat and a lop rabbit.  Gwen the rockhopper isn't gone (I have a fursuit of her!) but I'm getting a fursuit of my cabbit done currently.

So, here I am, a demigirl kittybun using she/they, in my 30s, still doing art, and dancing in suits.

I don't know how active the forum is anymore, but I'm willing to hang about a little!

Jade Sinapu:
Hi Obsydian,
We never met, but good to see you!

I love dancing in suit, although I am not so good at it, it still is a blast!

There are several who hang out here.

Hope to see you around.

*Sniffs from afar* "Hi. I'm kinda active around around here."

Iara Warriorfeather:
Hi Obsydian! I am glad you came back to Furtopia-and that you're doing well! :3 If you've got questions, feel free to PM me or the mods!


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