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Greetings all!


I've neem a member here for quite a while so this isn't really an introduction. Every now and then I check in and see what's going on around here. I used to be much more active but life happens. Either way. I feel like I owe everyone here a "Hello". So... HELLO!

I see a few familiar faces around and a few new ones. I hope you are all doing well. I've been working, building my career, trying to make good choices. Etc etc. Currently working as a diesel mechanic. Still doing the furry thing, though less active online and more so in person.

Thank you all for being great and hope to see some of you soon at Anthrocon!

Kay Alett:
Heeeey i remember you! Been a while.
Have a Kit Kat!
*hands you candy*

Glad your doing well! Sounds like a nice job. :)

Thank you both! And thanks for the kit kat, they're my favorite :3

I will be doing my best to spend some time around here when I can. I always think of this place, always good!

Welcome Weese!



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