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11 Whole Years...


Zhono Veranhaut:
So I just remembered this place this early morning. Surprised I still have my account. Surprised this place is still around and didn't go the way of most internet things from my adolescent years. Glad to see this place is still kicking, as kicking as old-school message boards can be these days anyhoo.  (:

So um, hi! Don't know if anyone members me or, well, cares to remember me -i dread looking at my old posts enough to wish to remain ignorant about weather I was liked or not- but I hung around here over a decade ago. I don't think I posted a whole lot but I remember forming a few short friendships here.

I've changed quite a bit over the past 11 Years (as one does). I've since been through several changes of fursonas, settling on a a relatively less "accidental Doctor Who ripoff" chocobo named "Tori Gale" (whom I will hence identify as once/if I get around to asking for a username change), discovered I'm a demigirl, gotten several associates degrees in IT subjects, been in a couple jobs and am currently trying to find a new one to replace a crap retail job, and have gotten in a wonderful relationship with two of the most loving, adorable buns I could ever ask for (not nessecarily all in that order). Overall, life is good if a bit stagnant-feeling in a few areas.  :)

So how is this place these days? Haven't interacted with the wider furry community in a while.

Mister Initial Man:
I'm rarely around, but I do poke my head in now and then.

Welcome back Zhono!
Hope you can reconnect with old friends, or at least revisit some happy memories here!



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