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Title: Four string slide blues guitar.
Post by: cause the rat on February 22, 2014, 12:25:57 am
Got it finished! Be going to St Louis tomorrow with it. Hang out with fellow blues enthusiast!


So how many furries have their name on a real guitar? This thing sounds as nasty as it looks! Body is two 2x6's. Neck is red oak. Pick guard is 1/8 plywood. Have less than $50 invested. That's including the GHS strings.
Title: Re: Four string slide blues guitar.
Post by: Choky on February 24, 2014, 12:29:08 am
Cool stuff Cause! Don´t forget to get us some sound clips too while you´re down at St Louis,you KNOW you want to!
At first I thought it was a cigarbox guitar,then I saw you say the body is two 2x6.

Play us some Seasick Steve or some Bo Diddley! You´re one cool cat rat! 8)
Title: Re: Four string slide blues guitar.
Post by: cause the rat on February 27, 2014, 10:07:29 pm
???? Somebody here knows who Seasick Steve is????  Choky, Your AWESOME!

Be a wile on sound clips or vids. There's a real bit of learning to playing on an unmarked neck with alternate tuning. Even when I tune this thing to standard I'm still struggling. The back of my left hand never touches the neck. The only contact I have is the glass slide. It's a blast to play! Even if I suck at it right now.  :D

Will do some modifications to it. First build, plenty of mistakes. Going to drop the pickups lower so I can lower the strings. Then I'm going to cheat and add lines and fret markers on the top side of the neck. Still keep the fingerboard clean.
Title: Re: Four string slide blues guitar.
Post by: cause the rat on March 02, 2014, 02:32:29 am
This guitar is a work in progress. Lowered the pickups by chiseling out the body under the pickguard. Lowered the bridge by removing the 9/16 thick block of wood that was underneath it. I can now play the guitar like a fretted instrument. However the bridge is set up way to high causing the string saddles to rattle. The scale length is now off by 1/8 of an inch. And the strings are no longer straight on the neck. I'm using the same drilled holes that went threw that block of wood. It's very apparent I can't drill straight. I'll fill the holes. Move the bridge closer to the neck. Will have to cut away at the pickguard to do this. And put a 3/16 thick block of wood under the bridge to raise it up a bit. This will let me lower the saddles on the bridge so they don't rattle like they are now. Raising the bridge will also allow me to use the saddles to give me an arch to the strings. Easier to control a glass slide when it's not hitting all four strings at once.

When I use a glass slide it sounds great. When I play it by hand it sounds like a toy guitar. LOL All the fretless guitars I've seen have a metal fretboard. I'm using Oak. It's not the most musical sounding of woods. Nor the hardest. Fingered notes fizzle out quickly. Still fun to play. And speaking of playing. I'm finding it easier all the time to play. Been doing scales and some simple soloing. Trying my had at playing cords on it. Finding it hard for two reasons. First there's not frets. Really hard to get all your fingers to line up exactly straight. Secondly there is no radius to the fretboard. It's just a flat piece of wood. Simple cords are doable but hard. Be a goal to get down by the next get together.

Oh, and the blue painter's tape on the neck? I forgot to take that off. Was using the edge of it to mark the harmonic center of the strings to set the intonation.
Title: Re: Four string slide blues guitar.
Post by: cause the rat on March 04, 2014, 11:10:52 pm
I'm using a threaded rod as the nut. (The nut is the last thing the strings rest on before they go to the tuners at the head of the guitar.) Dropped a smaller on in it's place. It's now the best playing guitar i have. That means the best playing guitar I have is a toy. LOL Actually it's a real guitar that sounds like a toy.

I want to make the scale length of this guitar match the lengths of the two favorite guitars of mine. This has been a learning experience. Gibson Les Pauls are traditionally called "24 3/4 scale". However only the earlier models have that scale. In the 70's they switched to around 24 9/16. My 1970 Les Paul IS 24 3/4 scale. Love the way this guitar feels. My 1977 has a 24 9/16 scale. I love the way this one feels. LOL And I had NO idea they were not the same scale. I know it's only a 3/16 difference. But still I had no clue till yesterday. Now the reason I want to match the scale length of an existing guitar is I'm already familiar with finger placement. A real plus when you don't have frets.

Major changes to this guitar. Right now it's at a 25 1/8 scale. So I'll have to cut the pickguard shorter. Cut a new hole for the pickup. Chisel out a new hole in the body for that pickup. Move the bridge toward the neck a good 1/2+ inch. This will bring the scale length down closer to 24 9/16. More than likely I wont fill in the screw holes that will be left behind when I move the bridge. Might paint them up to make em look bigger. Add more 'rust' to em. They'll blend right in. LOL
Title: Re: Four string slide blues guitar.
Post by: Choky on May 20, 2014, 02:02:35 am
Still no clips? :( Come ooooon,hehe (: