Author Topic: Top 10 favorite albums?  (Read 4293 times)

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Re: Top 10 favorite albums?
« Reply #25 on: January 03, 2014, 09:36:29 pm »
  • The Fame Monster, by Lady Gaga
  • ARTPOP, by Lady Gaga
  • Clarity, by ZEDD
  • Comedown Machine, by The Strokes
  • Fire & Ice, by Kaskade
  • Atmosphere, by Kaskade
  • Random Album Title, by Deadmau5
  • Eric Prydz Presents : PRYDA, by Eric Prydz
  • Discovery, by Daft Punk
  • Born This Way, by Lady Gaga

This is my list, in no particular order. Most of these albums are by either Progressive House or Pop artists, so they are not exactly going to be enjoyable for people who don't enjoy Electronic or Pop music. Nonetheless, give these albums a check if you like these genres(Comedown Machine is an exception, being an Indie Rock album.)!
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