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Re: Windows 10
« Reply #25 on: October 11, 2015, 03:11:48 pm »
As for my experience it seems to work quite well, but one issue that seems to be developing is a much slower start up time. It seems to take 5+ min for it to get to the point of me being able to even open a application.

This doesn't seem to happen with me. After I turn on my comp and log in, it takes perhaps 2-3 mins. for my system to boot up. Not the 5+ you seem to be getting.

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Re: Windows 10
« Reply #26 on: October 12, 2015, 12:04:34 am »
I'm using windows 10. I actually like it better than windows 7. Although, Windows 10 does have some annoying things.

- Faster and more stable than windows 7 and 8 (My graphics card used to have a crashing issue in Windows 7)
- You can run windows store apps in windows on your desktop. Though I don't use apps much
- Better login and lock screen (Shows images customized to your preference)
- Boots to desktop instead of the tile/mobile mode. (Which is now hidden in the charms menu as Tablet mode)
- Start Menu looks better

- There is 2 different places for settings which is confusing. There is the Control Panel which is the normal one but then there is this other  "Settings/ All Settings" Menu which has lots of other stuff hidden under different groups.
- Too many mobile settings (they've made it over complicated). There is the whole permission system for using Camera, Microphone, Sharing  contact details etc...
- Cotana requires to many permissions to work and shes pretty useless in my experience. Windows 10 really is the NSA operating system.
- It's harder to search for files and settings. For example. If I type "Control Panel" into to search bar for the start menu then it just shows me internet search results. Where in windows 7 you'd be able to find the Control Panel using this method. You can just use CTRL + X to find the Control Panel now. I have it pinned to the start menu though.

Pro and Con:
Notification system: can be useful but also annoying. I had to disable notifications for a few apps that are enabled by default. My computer was giving me notifications for news articles. :/

I am starting to have a slight probelm with microsoft's enforcing of applications.

With the free win 10 you must get:
Mail & People,
Groove Music,
DVD Movie,
and other stuff you may or may not want

I also can get microsoft office 13 free from uni.
However...It comes with
Office (excel, access, presentation, word)
skype for business
onte note
and loads of other stuff that you can't remove.

THere seems to be this all or nothing theme which i don't quite enjoy
due to it i can't have microsoft on my laptop cause its too small :(
I find it annoying when you just want to install one Microsoft Office program but it installs all of them x.x
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