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Your Birthday wishing rabbit

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Old Rabbit:

Most of you probably notice me as the one who wishes a
happy birthday and hands out the cookies.. :orbunny:

Actually I am a retired sheet metal worker.. I have
always enjoyed cartoon animal characters and drew some
as a bunny..  By the early 80's I decided to start drawing
again. I guess as with a lot of people the humanoid animal
characters found in comics and animation turned me toward
furry fantasy.. Course the animated movies with animal
stars just added to my love of furry art..

Around 2001 I decided to try writing too.. I don't claim to be
a good writer, but I enjoy making up stories about animal characters.  I have started writing another furry space adventure. Hope to have it on my web site in a few

If you need some help give me a pm, I am on furtopia
most mornings U.S. time..

Old Rabbit :orbunny:

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Serra Belvoule:
And a sweet artist. Don't forget the sweet artist part.

Old Rabbit:
Aww that's nice of you to say Serra. I am working on more
artwork. Perhaps I will have some to post soon.

Old Rabbit

*pokes this thread* ;)

Let's hear more about Old Rabbit! We haven't heard from you in quite a long time. What'cha working on? What's new lately?  :D

Happy Birthday, or is that "Bunny-day"  :D , Old Rabbit!
*hands you a birthday cake* :)


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