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Professor of Cunning

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Not entirely sure what to put on here so I'll put whatever comes to mind.

First off thanks for making me a watcher *hugs all the staff* I hope I don't disappoint  :)

Now then:

Hai! I'm Weisseman. I'm the red fox (picture) that was appointed the Professor of Cunning at Oxford University (even though I've never been there). So remember. I'm watching you all  ;)

Anyhow I'm 20, work in Graphics design, play many computer games (I own all the consoles and a high spec pc x_x I also play on one mmo which I've been doing for coming upto 3 years now) and listen to metal mainly but will take a shine to practically anything (which you can hear on my radio show  :) ). I adore anything cute and will hug/play with it constantly (so don't be bringing puppies and kittens near me for example lol). I also love hugs in person and love meeting new people so don't be afraid to add me on whichever IM's your choice (though I'm not on AIM that often. A PM would be require for it).

All question welcome!

P.S Anyone who gets the title reference will recieve a box of Cookies  (:

Wow, a Graphics designer. Me and Baako took Graphics for GCSE's. it was great fun :D.
And i just-....what? you're watching.... meh? *looks nervously over cyber shoulder*
I dont like it!
*hides up tree*
Still congrats on the ranks up :D

I did Graphics at GCSE. I was predicted an F all year until the coursework started and that F turned into a B *ahem* but yeah.... Educations important, don't slack, (continue serious speech here)

lol, i think i failed Graphics. I had to take the foundation exam coz mah techer was being an butt ( >:() and i didnt do great on my coursework. I might get a C if im lucky. Not to bothered though, i enjoyed graphics while it lasted ^^.

So do you work freelance, or are you part of a company?


--- Quote ---P.S Anyone who gets the title reference will recieve a box of Cookies 
--- End quote ---

The "Professor of Cunning" title makes me think of something to do with Sherlock Holmes? Sherlock Holmes's nemesis was Professor Moriarty. Am I close or not?


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