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Hi guys. I just got appointed to Watcher. *hugs the staff*  Here's hoping I do a good job :) Thought I'd make one of these now or else I'd forget, heh.

Okay, so. I'm Loc, I'm 22,and live in the UK, on the south coast. My fursona is a blue-spotted anthro snow leopard. I joined Furtopia back in June last year, but I've been floating around the fandom for about five years now.

I spend most of my spare time reading (preferred genre is fantasy), writing short stories or playing PC games (my favorites are RPGs and first person shooters). I have a pet bearded dragon called Daenerys (points for getting where the name comes from). I recently graduated from university and have a degree in palaeontology (yes, like Ross from "Friends") and I'm currently unemployed, although I'm hoping that'll change soon.

That's all I can think of for now. So any questions or anything, feel free to ask ^^ I like to think I'm quite friendly.

What flavors of tea do you like?

Congratulations Loc!   ^_^

Storm Fox:
Welcome to the team Loc. :)

Congratulations Loc! Here is your celebratory tea お茶 :D


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