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Congrats loc!

The Wise one:
Congrats bro!

My favorite teas are Earl Grey, English Breakfast and those nice red berry teas. Although I'll drink pretty much any other tea with the exception of peppermint :( Can't stand that stuff.

Thanks for the congratulations guys :)

Welcome to the team!


--- Quote from: Loc on August 18, 2012, 12:44:44 pm ---I have a pet bearded dragon called Daenerys (points for getting where the name comes from)

--- End quote ---

Ooh, a puzzle! ^_^ I don't know the answer, but is it by chance a word spelled backwards?

Also, a real question for you: Why did you choose the snow leopard as your fursona? Based on your other interests, I would have thought you'd go with some kind of prehistoric creature... but I guess not. :)


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