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Wandered in but not out

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Varg the wanderer:
Back in 2003 I joined Furtopia as an opportunity to meet people and get to know more about the furry fandom that I had just recently discovered. I have made great friends here, some of which are still active members (and many that arn't). Since that time the guy behind the keyboard has lived in five different countries and nine states, worked some very interesting jobs (how many people have picked smashed wallaby parts out of the landing gear of a fighter jet at 3am?), and finally(!!) attended my first con last fall.

Yet with all that real life drifting I'm still here. I think it really says something about an internet place that feels as much like home as I have here.

I love furry writing and art! For whatever reason I find that the anthropomorphic in them ads a richness that non-furry arts lack. There's a lot of satisfaction in making something (for me, writing) that others enjoy. Beyond that I like science fiction, and my non-furry hobbies include canoe building (I'll finish it someday, I promise!), blacksmithing and general metal work, leatherworking, and aviation.

I'm looking forward to serving as another set of watchful eyes for the forums. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask!

Iara Warriorfeather:
Not all who wander are lost... (:  Glad you're helping out on the forums!  (:

Ooh... Oct 2003. So you joined not long after I did.

It's nice to see familiar furs active on the forums. It helps add to the homey feel.

Old Rabbit:
I should have said something sooner, but glad to have you onboard as a "Watcher" .

Anyone who travels like you do should be a good writer, and I do enjoy your work. :orbunny:

Old Rabbit:
It's always nice to wish a furry member a Happy Birthday.
Especially one who has been such a good one for 15

Happy Birthday Varg, and hope you have many more.

Tosses you lots of cakes and cookies. :or bunny:


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