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My aging friend


Jade Sinapu:
Don’t forget the good times
My best partner in crime
Joy rides and sunshine
No concept of strychnine

Wooded trails, so dark and serene
Walking kept us fit and lean
All the mountains to climb
All the things to see
Can we get there in time?
How is your bad knee?

Wolfie girl, I know your time is near
Don’t release me, no not now
Nuzzle me close, just one more time
I don’t care what they say, love is no crime
I’m trying not to break that vow
To keep you from all you fear

But I see you changed, more than I
It kills me, but you’re not afraid
You coat is different, so is mine
They both lack, that certain shine

Your golden eyes have turned grey
Too weak now to run and play
Still somehow you eat the pain
Up you rise, struggle, strain

Medicine, therapy, routine
Won’t make you like a teen
Your back claws drag the floor
Scraping till they’re bloody and sore
But yet, only you I adore
Each year and forever more

Your tail doesn’t move anymore
And you always sleep and snore
Your breath is bad
Age makes me mad
I’m now only sad
Your body is failing
It sends me wailing

This world is not for me, if you are not in it
Your love has me bit, with you I want to be

To know that you can’t hold on
Girl, please make it till dawn
If I blink, you may be gone

Let my spirit go with you now
Up to mingle with yours
Let me run with you on all fours

Varg the wanderer:
This has me in tears. You've told me a bit about what you're going through, and I sincerely hope that when she goes you find some peace among your grief. If you own a dog it always hurts to see your loved pet go. When they stop being 'the dog' and start being your other half (or however else you try to describe that unique relation), though, they rip with them more of your soul than you ever thought possible as they pass. Don't forget to mourn. Even now, while she's still alive, don't hold it back. It's one of the ways to say "I love you" that can never come off a superficial.


Jade Sinapu:
Thank you for the hug Varg, I needed that. She has been really I'll today. Hard to see.

It has been hard, but I knew it was part of the deal when I got her so long ago. Still not easy.
I still remember the day when she looked into my eyes and realized I was a living thing.  It was her mind reaching a certain level of complexity that allowed us to see each other as individuals. Before that day I was just a thing to her. There have been many good times and that is what I will remember.

I didn't want to upset people with my poem.  But I was so upset I had to let something out. If ever I dance in fursuit, i will partly do so to honor her kind. She inspires me to be a better person, no hate, no crime, only love for everybody. Living more in the now, not regretting so much, and listening to others.  She taught me more about me than her.  She will pass on, having revealed only a few of her secrets. They are a mysterious bunch.

Kay Alett:
Dogs are angels. They give selflessly to their friends and no matter how old or hurt they are they just want to be with us and see us happy. It kills me how selfless they can be even when dying.
I've lost a lot of dogs in my life and I think I would prefer to have a cat now. At least when a cat knows time is drawing short they leave. They run away so you don't see them fail. You can always have a tiny shard of hope they're still out there in the world even when logic say different.

Excuse me, I need to go cry my heart out.  :goldhowl:


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