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Varg the wanderer:
A term used when a turbine engine suddenly dies, since 'stall' means something completely different (and somewhat explosive).

There’s a whuff
And it all goes quiet

That’s when you know
It’s happening again

The nose pitches forward,
so you haul back on the stick
For a moment a response
But it’s gone all too quick

Your heart, like your head,
Knows what’s below
Knows what is coming
Knows where you’ll go.

'Mayday! Mayday!'
You can cry all you want
The replies pour back in:
'We'll help!!' but they taunt.

But what can they do?
Follow you down?
Picking up speed
as you hurl towards the ground?

Can’t see if they’re there
And you know that they are
The smoke from your instruments
Coats the windows with tar

You're alone either way
And they can do nothing
Why bother them at all
You're better of bluffing

'You ok?' they might ask
It's 'I'm fine!' but you're insane
Telling them otherwise
Will only bring pain

They can't bring the nose up
Can't extinguish that fire
They can't fix your engine:
Your brain sinking in mire

Only watch in anguish
As you plummet down
Accelerating constantly
En route to the ground.

Stay silent.

No one can help you
You'll cause them more pain.
Suffer quietly
You might escape this again

Stay dark.

You're alone anyway
solitary or throng,
The fewer are with you
the fewer you’ll wrong

Your best friend by your side
smoking hole in the ground
If you hit he should live.
With time, she’ll come around.

There's a jostle
An anemic engine starts
still billowing smoke
still loosing its parts

And you're mashed
Down into your seat
As your brain levels out
Over some crowded street.

You hurl on forward
People notice, you can't hide
Why can’t they leave you
alone on this ride?

The calls come in garbled
You know what they say
‘Stop! Let us help you!' and
‘Are you sure you’re ok?'

The radio's toast

Understanding is hard
Calling back still harder
Don’t dare remain silent
They’ll only gain ardor

Where is that thing anyway?
You can't see from the smoke
Can't find your checklist, your map
you choke

Can't find your instruments, your radio,
Anything, please!
It's so hard to think
all your thoughts absentees

'Go away.'
Maybe they'll leave you alone.

They won’t.

'Do fun stuff with us,
it’ll make you feel better!'
As if you just flying
through unpleasant weather.

‘Just snap out of it’
’Think happy, like me.’
But it’s more than sad thoughts
oh why can’t they see?

They all mock you with smiles
Though they all do mean well
It's all pointless, all useless
All is lost; you're in hell

Pull again on the stick
You roll left or right nice
A dive down is ‘can do’
But up though, no dice

The people are still around you
People who care
You wish they would leave
Why are they there?

They are making it worse
Though not of their own tool
If lonely be alone
In a crowd is plain cruel

You’re guilty! You hurt them!
They all suffer for you
Why can't they understand
That they're hurting you too?

With faux anger you're mean.
You snap left and right.
You run them away
Through the radio you bite.

You hurt them, you know
But their pain’s momentary
So guilt piles on no more
For now, sedentary

Night fell quickly
You're own personal dark
You’re own personal hell
No light, no hope, no spark

You’re flight could end here.
You’re trip could be done.
No more trips into hell,
ripped again from the sun.

A weighted decision
you are trying to make
Just nudge the stick forward
is all it would take

It's in the black
that you notice
In the soot
and the smoke

There it is again

…And again

A faint flash of red
The smoke glows, then it's gone

To flash once more
Then it’s dark
Then again
What the hell?

Wipe the grime on the window,
You try to see through.
There are lights off both wings
Left and right, flanking you


There’s a tail, fuselage.
and wings not your own.
A cockpit. A pilot.
Both people unknown


Right side looking at you.
Left side does the same
He nods?
She waves?
Are these people insane?

Both of them stay silent
Your radio, your voice?
You fumble, you find it
May you send more than noise

'What are you doing?’
You say
‘Turn back!'

They reply.

Great. More of these people.

'Go away, don't you know
What happens out here?'

The next flash of red strobe
Both faces are grim
her voice you can hear
through your sick engine’s din

'We know and know well.
We have gone through before,
 and we'll go though again.
Till we’ve gone through once more.’

You stare out the window
Stunned, silent and dumbstruck
Who returns to hell?
Who would do this again?

And on purpose?!

You say
'Why? Are you nuts?!”

He replies.
'You're worth it.'
She says.

Iara Warriorfeather:
Very nice work!  8)

Love this one Varg!

Jade Sinapu:
 It's been a while now and I still read this.
Very good

Varg the wanderer:
Thank you.  :)


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