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creating Whiteshepherd Robinhood in 2018


Six years after creating Red Yoshi49q I take up sculpting again.  There is a whole story behind this quest to take up sculpting again.  But first things first.  Since it had been so long since I made anything out of clay I had to watch and study YouTube videos of people creating art with clay.  I binged for 4 days straight (aside from sleeping, bio breaks and eating)! I needed to find out what was the best clay to work with.  Basically it boiled down to what the majority of artists preferred to use.  But, before I could create the project that got me back into sculpting I needed to practice on some smaller items.

That is where this one, ‘Whiteshepherd Robin hood’ came in.  I started with Polymer clay. My friend asked if I could create a Whiteshepherd Robin Hood for him for his D&D game he played.  I said, “Sure”.  I looked up images of Robin Hood to get an idea of what he wore and his weapon. Then I came up with an idea.

(I need to remember how to add an image on here.  LOL)

This video is the steps I took in making this little sculpture.

Looks cool! Well done!


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