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I have only just learned that gov cancelled Halloween! I'm so upset right now!
Here I was staring to plan out my Halloween only to hear that nope not Halloween for you!
Grrrrrr. I hate the gov right now. I'd gladly wear my mask or any mask to not spread anything and that should've been good and what the gov should've done but NO! They cancel Halloween completely. I'd tp their building if I knew I wouldn't get arrested/in trouble for it. Sigh there goes my 2020. I'm done, I don't care any more. I feel bad and sorry for the kids that can't have fun anymore though.

You think you're the only one upset about Halloween being canceled due to Covid? You're not the only one. Millions of other people are probably upset too. But.........there are alternatives. A few options in this link.

Varg the wanderer:
You could always celebrate Halloween anyway. Nobody is going to arrest you for wearing a costume.

Yeah I found two really fun Halloween things to do. Oaks park is doing an outside haunted "House" thing but it's in in your car sounds good to me as I'm not used to scary monsters and what have you being up in my face. I was very scared of haunted houses as a kid and seeing a giant spider "eating" someone didn't help lol but I did go in one once at Scream at the Beach because it was Alice in wonderland themed but it wasn't to fun but volunteering as a monster in PDX Fear was a lot of fun.
There's also an event at the place where Halloween Town was filed and looks fun plus there's a dog costume contest and a people one too! Eevee is always dressed as the classic Harley Quinn cuz she be crazy Lol and yeah I might just Trick or treat anyway idk how good the neighborhood will be, it's always been ok I might have to try my friend's  neighborhood instead and maybe drop by and hang out though idk if they're doing the annual Halloween party.

Hans the husky:
There are many more important things to be upset about right now besides halloween.


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