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Sherlock Hound
« on: October 10, 2016, 09:11:10 pm »

A very unusual spin on the Sherlock Holmes character...this was reimagined in the 1980s and the characters are all anthropomorphic dogs.  Funny though, none have tails.  Sherlock Hound is either or a corgi or based on a red fox (whichever you tend to believe), and Dr. Watson is a scottish terrier.  Their nemesis Professor Moriarty is a timber wolf, but is purple.  Not 100% positive what his lackeys, Smiley and Todd are.

The earliest six episodes were directed by Hayao Miyazaki before there were problems with the rights to using the character.  You can see what would become the Ghibli style in the face and eyes before there was a Studio Ghibli.  Miyazaki directed episodes have Smiley as a pea green colored dog.  The ones not directed by him, Smiley is brown.  That's the best way to tell which ones he directly had a hand in creating as the series has about a three year gap between those episodes. ;)

The entire series can be found on youtube, uploaded by one of the production companies.  The DVD on Amazon or ebay is about $45 for the entire series, which isn't bad, given its way out of print by now.

I found that I liked the Miyazaki episodes the best because they focused more on character and development than the ones not directed by him.  By then, we get a lot of "fun romp" stories that don't add much to any of the characters, but certainly are playful.  Can't think of a better word to describe this.  I don't see the series as goofy as a lot of 90s animated tv from any studio, so at least it takes the audience a bit more seriously than other shows.  Worth a watch if you never saw it before and like dogs. :D
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