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Title: How to make an amazing sandwich
Post by: Doc on May 11, 2015, 06:54:12 pm
First: you need your materials.
Your favorite Frying Pan
Stove (gas or electric)
Second: The Ingredients!
Two large eggs
A bottle of Tabasco Sauce (of the Chipotle Pepper variant))
A bottle of Chili Powder
A large bottle of Garlic Salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Two slices of bread
(Optional) condiments
Start cooking:
Place pan on stove with medium high heat
When heated, place one dash of olive oil in pan
Add eggs
Add two dashes of Chili Powder
Add three dashes of salt
Add three dashes of pepper
Add three dashes of Tabasco Sauce
Add one dash of Garlic Salt
Scramble until well mixed and cooked
Add condiments (if chosen) to bread
Add eggs to bread
Close sandwich
Let sit for 30 seconds
Enjoy. 8)