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a hole in transparency: the loop begins, part two
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Chapter 6
Beyond normal life… or lives.

         Paradox ran into the tardis and flew the activation switch. At first it shuddered and fluctuated but was off in a few seconds. Paradox didn’t notice the readings on the tardis monitors of a dimensional rift leading to an unknown world. The tardis rumbled and shook.” come on! What's the matter?” paradox said to the creature he was trusting knew what it was doing. The lights went out for a few minutes then turned back on. He was human again. The tardis landed outside a facility. He went inside and there was an elevator. It had an oddly familiar feel to it. The intercom came on,” hello, and welcome. Due to the shutdown of the original freddy fazbear pizzeria, the animatronics have been very…  active. So you are here for repair and maintenance.” paradox knew exactly where he was and he knew it wasn’t going to end well.  He tried to get the elevator to go back up. But it wouldn’t stop.” please enter your name.” he typed in his name but it said something else,” i see you had some difficulty with the keypad, i will auto correct for you, welcome ‘eggs benedict’.  He just sighed. The elevator stopped. There was just a vent. He crawled through to a room with two windows to the sides. He knew which was which. He quickly clipped the control shock cables and inserted a shock simulation as to not harm the animatronics. He finished the night with ease. The next night he had to go through funtime auditorium to got to the maintenance room. He had good night vision so he tried to walk straight through, but it didn’t work. Funtime foxy kept getting in his way, so he stopped and tried talking to her, “ why do you keep getting in my way? I have a job to do.” she just looked at him and said in a soft voice,”thank you for not harming us.” that was all she said and moved a side. He looked into her eyes and noticed a… peculiar look of… life, longing, adoration, and… thankfulness. “ i will help, but don't think it’s over just yet and don't play tricks, like getting me to go through the scooper room. I will help.” paradox felt sorrow and moved along. Funtime freddy was in the maintenance room. Paradox got the data card and pocketed it to take back to the tardis. Bonnie was a pain to get to hold still long enough to deactivate and get his card. The next night foxy was in for an unknown reason. Paradox knocked out the cameras and powered her back on. She lashed out but not fast enough to inflict any harm to him. She apologized and asked why he was still helping her and her fellow animatronics, he said,” because  I hate to see you and them suffering. It isn't right. I'll take the data chips home and convert the memories into a biotic form, and you will be like me. Well not exactly like me, but… just give me the hatch code.” she gave him the code and powered down, he took the card and finished his shift. The elevator took him to the surface and exited the building. He went to the tardis and inserted foxy’s chip into the tardis interface in which knew exactly what to do with her. He waited and waited for what seemed to be hours when finally she spoke,” hello? Is anyone there? … i’m not sure whether i'm scared of what i’m feeling… that’s new… feeling… “ her voice trailed off, paradox gave a sigh of relief and waited a little longer for he knew it took a while to get the memories into the mental cortex. He walked in and turned his back right away,” i forgot that you don’t have clothes. In the back of the room should be some clothes, just get dressed and come out to the main console room.” he went out and checked the scanners to find an odd object on the radar. It was in the facility in the scooper room something big… something old… it was… “hey i found these… these… what are these… and this jacket is it? I have no idea what these are, but they look awesome. Also what happened to the others?” she was bringing up some problems he has been meaning to fix in the memory units. He had to now explain what happened to the others but something happened,” hello? Well that took longer than I expected,” a high pitched male voice came through the intercom, it was freddy. Balora would have been put through too, but she was scooped before paradox could even have a look at her. Baby was the next one he was going after,” Well you two help each other and i'm going to get the others.” he was off down to the animatronics and found baby in parts and service. He asked for the code she gave it and he got the chip, “ I will warn you that balora is still out there.” he stood still for a moment and tried to find another way around to the main room but found none,” i can take you out with me and take you home and make you a person of your own, just guide me through fintime auditorium.” she got him through and had took him to the scooper room. He ducked out of the way of the scoop before it could hit him he managed to get to the control room, but soon heard a loud beeping noise from his wrist. He knew what it was. It was the object located on the scanners… ennard. Before him was a tangled mass of wires and endoskeletal parts with only its exoskeleton mask on. Paradox now knew there was only one way out and that was a risky thought… to use his broken vortex manipulator. He set the coordinates to the tardis but it didn’t work. He turned to run but a flash from the device got his attention. It blipped twice and in an instant foxy and freddy were in front of him. They looked at him in a puzzled manner,” you weren’t there just a second a go.” foxy said with a slight chuckle. He didn’t say anything until he got baby’s chip into the interface,” I have a greater problem, there are two animatronics that are still in there, i am going to set the tardis in the facility and try to get them.” he flew a few switches and pressed a few buttoned and the tardis sprang to life once more, while this was happening paradox got everything he needed to get the two others out of the facility. There was a catch, there were other people in the facility with him, so he had to work carefully and silently. He was in baby’s auditorium control room when a peculiar thing happened. He saw black… And only black, but it happened quickly. He opened his eyes and saw children. They screamed his name. He moved, but it wasn’t him that moved. He saw black again. He opened his eyes again and saw the funtime auditorium stage. He saw the tardis and moved for it. He went to open the door when he saw it. His hands were black and shiny. He looked at his legs, and they too were black. He felt nothing but emotions and fear gripped his animatronic being. He was one of them. He was a robotic slave, but that was all he remembered. He walked into the tardis and saw himself, in a flesh form. Then all went black once more.

Chapter 7
Hello… my old friend.

“What happened?” where was i? It made no sense. I was a man, but still an animatronic. How is it i have so many forms, but only see through one set of eyes? Wait… my theories! An old made up legend,” one shall rise to defend the world of animals, to rule the world of pyrrhia, and save the mechanical beings, a man to rule the galaxy and maintain the peace and harmony but corupe the citizens under their own rulers just to find reign.” I never thought it would be me. But why? Not knowing there were others in the room I took out my box of important items and sifted through and found an old animatronic power module. Now that i see that I have different forms, I decided to create a human chameleon circuit, to change forms in different worlds and have the ultimate advantage. And bionic form was among one of the few I have. I went to the console room and set course for the nearest dimensional fluctuation and try to get to pyrrha. “Now we wait.” freddy and foxy came into the room and were curious of what I was. “ I’m part time lord, pyrrhian, zootopia, human, paradoxian in general, the ultimate life form. I was made to rule the other worlds. And after the paradoxian program was shut down I was the last to live of my kind. Now my mission is to get familiar with MY domain, and find my surviving fellow paradox’s in the galaxy.” they still didn’t know that I was an outlaw in the universe. They will find out soon. The room shook again. “ brace yourselves, we’re going through to another dimensional flux and form shifts is a common side effect, this will change your genetic composition to be like mine if you don't die first.” he left it on that note before they went through the rift. The room didn’t go dark but the lights flickered. When he started to go through the shape shift he saw the others shift and he felt tremendous pain,” aaauuuggghhh!” the room went dark. The pain went on for another 5 minutes but stopped. The lights dimly light the room when they came back on. I quickly did a body analysis. I had talons, wings, a tail, scales. It was the right rift. Where were the others? “ foxy!” there was a slight moan in the distance. I tried to find where it was. It was hard to walk at first, but it wasn't to hard when I got the hang of it. There was blood, It was warm though. It went down the stairway to base of the time rotter. It was what I thought was foxy, but wasn’t.”why me? Just… let me into the depths of space. I'll be at peace then.” he had his last breath in his short fleshy life. I continued my search. Another trail of blood lead to the changing rooms. I took cautious steps into the room. There was a crash, a few foot steps, a rustle of fabric, and silence. I tried to spurt a puff of fire to light the room. I only choufed. I reached for my screwdriver but only touched scales, my clothes must have ripped off, I was completely naked, but that didn’t matter because nothing showed. “ lights on.” the lights slowly brightened. Out of the corner of my eye there was movement. There was a flash of white, red, And everything inbetween, she was fast, but not fast enough. I had a quick glimpse of her then she vanished. I felt a drip on my tail. I turned quickly to see what was there, nothing.there was a drop of blood on my tail. I shifted colors to a solid black. Behind me there was a rustle, I swiped my tail, there was a thud. I pounced on my prey,” oow!” it was foxy. Then right before my eyes a 9 year-old dragonet( for every one of their years two of ours pass) appeared. She had an odd color pattern on her scales. Her cheeks were a solid read. Her under belly was a purple-ish pink, her sides were white, her spine was also purple-ish pink, her wings were a reddish pink. Her eyes shifted between purple and red. I backed up to see her on her feet. She fluttered her wings and shook her self. She looked at me and asked,” what's wrong? Are my wings crooked. Or is it the bloody gums? I cut them on something.” I just gaped in awe. “ you are just… amazing.” I snapped out of my trance and lead her to the console room,” this is pyrrhia. There are no visitors or habitants that leave the planet. They look a lot like you and I but there are seven different tribes. There are the sky wings, they have golden-orange and red scales, big wings and can breathe fire. There are also the ice wings they don't appear too often in the lower regions of pyrrhia. They have icy blue and white scales and breathe an ice breath that can freeze and kill you instantly. There are the sea wings they can breathe underwater, have flat tail tips, can see in the dark, and have scales that light up. The mudwings are big and burly and can breathe fire as well. They can go a full hour without taking a single breath. The sand wings a dangerous tribe. They have barbed tail tips with a poison that can kill you slowly but painfuly. If it scratches you you need to get cacti juice from the cactus in the sand kingdom. A rare tribe to find are the night wings. They have black scales with silver scales on the underside of their wings, they can breathe fire, blend in with the night sky, and can supposedly read minds or foretell the future. And lastly, my favorite tribe, the rainwings. Recently they have started to show that they aren't lazy. They have the best army that pyrrhia has seen since the sky wings. They don't have a solid color scales for more than ten minutes. They can spit a deadly venom that melts any biologic matter. Any questions?” she stared,” then what are you and I?” I had to think for a second,” well you are obviously a rainwing who has mastered the art of scale color coordination. But me on the other hand… I can see skywing with my wings, but sea wing with my light up scales and giles. Rain wing with my scales in general, night wing with underside of my wings, all the rest I guess are adaptation factors.” I had to see where we were in pyrrhia. “ come on lets see whats out there.” I opened the doors and saw the rain kingdom. Rain wings were flying around and there were some night wings. In the middle of the opening were five dragonets. One rain, one mud, one sea, one sand, and one night wing. There was a rustle in the leaves above. We looked up and saw a dragon. We then faded into the surroundings. The tardis vanished behind us. We moved to a different spot then rematerialized. We went to the dragonets in the middle of the clearing,” Hail glory,” I said to the dragonet. She looked confused then responded,” may I help you.” I just pondered on those words. Since my 12th year in this life she was an inspiration that I hoped to one day meet,” yes… um… well, we aren’t from around the forest, your highness. But no need to show us around, I am quite familiar with my surroundings, but I was wondering if we could watch you rule your subjects or have a lesson on military strategy.” she could tell that I was from the Talons of Peace, a pathetic organization that attempts to keep peace in pyrrhia but failed miserably after sunny ended the war between the sand wing Queens. Thankfully they stayed it the forest.” well I guess you could. This is clay, tsunami, sunny, starflight, and his sister, fatespeaker, after our last revolution he went blind due to the heat of an erupting volcano.” the poor dragonet poked his head up through the canopy below,” someone say my name?” he had a bandage wrapped around his head,” yes we have some visiters, come up and meet them.” he climbed up through and steadied himself. another dragonet came up too,” there you are,” fatespeaker said,” you need to tell me where you’re going.” starflight sighed. “ hello, sorry, if I am not mistaken you all are about seven years old?” I asked knowing that I was going to be slashed at by someone.” yes, but what does that have to do with anything?” with a sigh of relief I responded,” I am only 9 ½, just so it doesn’t seem creepy. I was also wondering if you could help me, I have an odd appearance, If you haven’t noticed my big wings and…” the small sand wing puffed a small stream of flames that burned my wing.” hey… wait…” i inspected my wing, it wasn’t burned. I remembered that if a mudwing hatched with a blood red egg it would have fireproof scales.” that's how I am mud wing then. But ice and sand are still questionable.” they all looked at sunny in astonishment,” you burned an innocent dragon!” they yelled at her. She shrugged her wings and said,”what? He was asking me to.” she looked at me in a “back me up” kind of way,” well yeah but not verbally.” there was a bit of a silence other than the wildlife around us. I pondered my discovery. I was fire proof. There was a snapping sound. We all looked around to see where it was coming from. I looked down and saw that the greenery under my talons were breakinging. “ uh-oh.” was all I had time to say before I plummeted to the earth below. I desperately flapped my wings. Right before I hit the ground my wings snapped open. I tumbled when I hit the soil. My wing was dislocated. I hollered in pain. I got to my feet, charged a tree and popped it back in place,” aaaaaahhhhh! that feels better. I really need to practice my flying.” I rolled my wings and stretched them as the others came down to meet me. Foxy just stayed up above and watched through the hole I made in the tree tops. Her scales shifted to a sympathetic blue. I stretched my wings, leaped into the air in attempt to fly and succeeded this time. I circled to the top to meet foxy. Her scales shifted back to their normal colors. The tardis appeared in front of me. The others came up and were puzzled as to its appearance. The doors flew open. An old friend stepped out. He goes by piper, an immortal being that is usually perceived as a pug for some weird reason. “ well look what the scavenger dragged in.” I said in astonishment. He stumbled forward and caught his balance. We caught up on what happened to me and he explained how he got the tardis and landed here.” well that explains a lot. Who are they.” I explained what happened from when we arrived till now. He just sigh and went back into the tardis. I went in after him. I went to activate the anchor but cut myself. I inspected it and there was a sliver of metal. I touched it and froze. Piper came up to me and asked,” is there a reason there is a dead body down by the base of the time rotter? Hey are you ok.” I tried to say something but what was spoken was not words of my own,” he will come again sooner than most want.” he stared at me and all at once I could move again,“ so sorry.” I ran out and crashed into foxy,” Oow. IS something wrong?” I got up and sped away into the forest. When I stopped there was a small pond with a small waterfall. In my head there was a sudden dread and guilt and suffering. I went to the pond and peered into the crystal water. In the reflection was a horrendous creature. A pitch black dragon with blood red eyes and blood dripping from his fangs,” I see that you have a reputation for destruction. But you also have a tendency to fix such problems.” I was angry now,” WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?” he just laughed.” I want to share your vessel. To be one. No… to be THE one!” I knew exactly what he wanted,” I know what you are you are… You're a nightmare… you’re my nightmare. You want nothing other than to feed off my fears and failures. On full moons you took over and destroyed everything I had just to see me suffer.” I don't want to lose to such savage things but in the end, I always lose. A tears came to my eyes as I remembered what I have lost to this creature, ” I will let you, just one thing… don't hurt foxy.” tears filled my eyes once more to the thought of me tearing her apart but only watching from the back of my mind. For a second i saw the water, then I saw the face in the water shift… I was behind my self. A spirit, a state of mind. And now he had control... And he was heading straight for the others. And I couldn’t do a single about it.

Chapter 8
Midnights rest

         Why did I listen to him? He never listens to me. Foxy is now in danger. Oh-no! He is talking to the others! “ I’ll let you handle it from here.” He let me go,”ok, look there is a serious danger. I am going to be somewhere out in the forest for a while until I am my self again. Dont worry. Foxy, stay with piper. He will keep track of my life signs through the tardis. Don't worry I’ll be safe.” I had nothing else to say. I ran to the edge of the tree tops and launched into the air. Where I was going was unknown.
* * *

   “ your fear isn’t helping your situation.” nightmare said through the reflection. “ we can fuse minds and work together.” the process of midnight fusing is extremely painful. It is like taking a knife to your head and twisting it several times then leaving it there for several hours. Not only does it hurt, it is also very complicated. “ do we even have the right materials to do so?” he asked me. “ in the tardis there is the chameleon arch. That will work  Quicker and more efficient.” it was the only answer I could think of. We agreed to do so. My journey back to the village was hard because I got myself lost. When I found my way back my only thought was to get to the tardis. It was right where I saw it last. I burst into the tardis, scaring every living thing in the room. Some fell off the railing and tumbled down the stairs. I raced to my room and dived into my closet. “ where is it?!” nightmare and I yelled. There was a metal helmet in the back of the closet. It was exactly what we were looking for. I took it to the heart of the tardis and plugged it into the circuits. She gladly helped me and my doppelganger become one mind. I put on the helmet and waited. There was a silence. “ are you ready?” nightmare asked. Where he spoke was a wonder. “ yes.” and pain shot throughout my body. It burrowed deep into my nerves, my heart, my soul. It was taking two beings, refreshing them both and putting them back together as if they were two lost pieces of a puzzle. It drained every last drop of energy in me. In us. I was no longer a single person. I now had two minds that thought as one. When the pain ceased i just dropped to the ground and lay there. “ we did it. We are one… again.” i closed my eyes and saw black for a minute, then I was home, In my bed with my pillow and blankets. Comfort filled my mind. The door slammed open and dad came stomping in with fury and rage. In fear i jumped out the coincidently opened window. I fell… but not for long. I flew out into the world. I landed at school. My friends were there. They were dragonets. They were yelling something,” wake up!” my eyes flew open. I was asleep, and i was in my bed. Foxy was standing in the corner looking smug. She was a fox again. There were five winged lizards around me.” who are you five?” i asked. I was all at once was aware of my clothes. I had some on. They said,” it's us the dragonets.” they were normal now. A hint of anger popped into the back of my mind. I sat up. I felt extremely dizzy. I felt dark for a moment. I closed my eyes for a minute. Foxy knew something was wrong, so she asked the dragonets to wait in the console room. When they left she sat beside me,” what’s wrong?” she asked in a soothing voice. That was what was wrong. I went too long without a soothing voice to calm my nerves, I may be an alpha of the pack but that doesn’t mean alpha’s don’t need help every now and then,” just speak to me… talk about your adventures before I came along.” she spoke for a good 20 minutes. After the first fifteen minutes she realised how I felt about her. She understood that if she joined my pack she would be the alpha female. So she accepted me. She became part of my pack. I am a midnight put to rest.

Chapter 9
An army of shadows

      We were in zootopia again, and I had a lot to do. I got up out of bed and shook myself off and charged to the console room full of energy to start off right. There was a spot that I remembered was my zootopia laboratory somewhere in the rain forest district. I set the tardis to manual flight mode and scanned the entire district. Out in a mountain cave was an odd door with symbols similar to gallifreyan but couldn’t be classified as such. There was no door handle or keypad or any sign of entry. I thought of something… something regarding my situation. The wall moved inward and slide to the right. The lights went from dim to really bright until they seemed they would explode. When they dimed again we proceeded and found a storage room similar to the one that was on earth, but this one was for time war materials and what not. There was a computer on the far  left wall. The others spread out. Clay was about to touch something when I said,” don't touch anything. Not even I know how to work these things.” they all watched what they were around. I proceeded to the terminal. There was a passcode. I typed in P@R@D()X 42. But it was too short. So I thought for a long time. There was a sticky note on a box right under the left corner of the monitor where the light of the screen stopped touching the desk in which it sat. it said,”PHENIX PARADOX”. I put it in the computer and it said welcome. There was one file that caught my eye right away. Portable chameleon circuit. I read every bit of it. When i came to the end it wasn’t complete. It wasn’t finished. I looked around for parts to the clocking device. There was a half built one buried under some papers. It needed sme wires to be tweaked and the outer casing to be made after about twenty minutes it was ready to be tested.  The others have gone off into another part of the facility. If this facility was built and mapped as the other one, then they were heading right for the prison rooms. In the distance there was a yell and then a roar from some creature. What better way to test my new invention than on a furious beast. I punched in color code neutral which makes me invisible. I ran into the chamber. This wasn’t exactly the same as the earth facility, the prison was ginormous. There was a burst of flame from a corridor up on the top floor. I switched back to normal color coding and switched to my dragon form and charged up the railings and into the hallway.there was a large dragon spewing flames at the dragonets and at foxy. Foxy slide under the dragon's legs and jumped onto its back. The dragonets took that opportunity to attack. I knew what to do,” STOP!” they all stopped to stare at me.” what is going on here. The dragonets and foxy backed off, the dragon stepped forward and bowed,” sir,” she said in a deep raspy voice,” these children have disrupted my slumber snooping around! But it is nice to have you back to take charge once more. I have kept the prisoners well in hand.” I was confused but knew how to make myself not look like an idiot,” I’m sorry I have regenerated again and have lost a great amount of my memories. so please reinform me of what we have here.” she piped up and said,” well then let me introduce my self, I am dewdrop diamond, do NOT take me as a sweetheart, if so then you’ve got another thing coming. On with the tour. This dungeon was founded in the year 2016, on february 1st. It was founded by phenix Paradox to protect zootopia and its citizens from the outer worlds and what not. The prisoners are mostly from other worlds like pyrrhia are kept here. There is a hall down there in the shadows,” there was a loud roar and flash,” in there are the “super” threats as you called them sir. They are the fiercest prisoners. I can tell that you want to see them. I’ll even let you get their attentions.” we went to the hall. There was an electric flash. The prison cells were the exact same as the cells in the sea wing summer palace. There was a snap.” go ahead you just shout.” dewdrop said in an ushering way. “ hello?” There was a silence. I said it again and another female voice came out to greet me,” well he returns. Won't you visit me? here in the very back, in the large cell.” I told the others to wait there. Dewdrop explained how to work the cells. I moved toward the cell, looking to my sides seeing angry dragons and zootopia criminals. She was a dragon, a nightwing,”I see you. I have always been your favorite. You used to take me out and let me see the stars. But… one day you didn’t show up. And now… you feel for someone else… do you not care for me any more?” she was trying to guilt trip me. I decided not to enter the cell… not yet.” remind me why you are in here again.” she was irritated now. “ why does it matter now? You don't care for me any more!” I was tired of her attitude.” then I will leave. Enjoy your darkness and silence.” I turned to leave when she said something,” please dont go.” i had no sorrow, I had anger. Nightmare was fusing his temper with my mood,” you should have thought of that before you crossed me. I will check in on you in a day or so.” I walked off. The others went to see other prisoners. Foxy was on a lower level. She turned and the prisoner in the cell grabbed her tail. She scarthced his hand away. He scurried deeper into his cell. She mumbled a curse at him. I switched to my alpha form. She jumped down to the ground floor to meet me. The dragonets were close to follow. Dewdrop poked her head over the rail on the top floor. I had one Question,” hey! How long till these guys are released?!” she vanished for a time and appeared again, “not to long, why?” I had planned this from the start, I already had my army,” ALRIGHT, LISTEN UP! You all have been here a while, RIGHT?!” the room went into a roar,” WELL, what if we cut a deal? If you all help protect zootopia, then you will be free. But what's the catch you must be wondering?! You ALL have to obey the laws, not their laws, but mine. You all are part of the pack now! WE. ARE. THE NIGHT HOWLERS!!!!” the room roared with excitement.” we will be releasing you one by one so we don't have a big confusion. So be patient.” i lowered my voice to only the others,” I am going to start with my trophy case.” I moved to the special prisoners and said,” all right, if you didn’t hear my speech out there i’ll tell it to you now. You will be released under one condition, you follow MY rules. You all will be generals providing you have the skill and capability. Or leaders of MY pack. All except for you nightwing. We will release you shortly.” the nightwing was panicking. she now knew why I chose someone else to be my alpha,” NO! You surely know who i am!” she looked down into the pool with the eels. She waited for a gap and jumped through but skidded on the floor and crashed into me. I took hold of one of her horns and lead he out to the tardis. On my way out the others looked at me curiously. I opened the tardis doors and shoved her in. i switched to my dragon form and burst out yelling,” YOU COULD HAVE KILLED YOURSELF DOING THAT STUNT! Those eels will turn you to ash! And what would you do then? I regenerated and forgot everything. I am not what I used to be!” piper walked out into the room and asked,” what’d I miss?” I shoved him out and gave him directions to the prison. I launched the tardis into space. The nightwing started to freak out. “ stop freaking out! I’m just helping a friend.” she was curious now.” do me a favor and open the doors.” she did. I carried freddy’s body to the door and let him go. I tried to keep back the tears. “ my name is shard.” she said. Inturn I said, “ you will be my second in command after foxy. You are my omega in the pack. If she falls in battle you take her place.” there was a silence between us. “ people sometimes call me jade shard. You can call me jade if you want.” i closed the doors and landed the tardis back down in the facility and got to work right away. “ name?” I said to each. They gave names like fade, or seaweed, or warbler. “What are your fighting strengths?” they mostly said something about their tribal or genetic abilities. But some knew what I meant.” I have had an urge to fight against my other siblings.” or,” My parents knew I was special.” but one stood out and made my first general.
“Name?” I asked.
“ dune striker.”
What is your battle strengths?”
“ I am part animus. But I am strong, stronger than the rest. Once I almost escaped by charging my way out. But that has no relevance.”
We tested him. he had an abnormal strength that took him straight through six walls of brick and kept on going. He was part animus but when we gave him the the chameleon circuit he lost his animus power but was able to work his time equipment and keep it in good order without any instruction. He was a great general. The others made platoon leaders. Piper was my first officer, foxy was my first in command, jade was second in command, dune striker was my general. My army was ready to deploy. They all followed my rules and stationed themselves throughout zootopia and the world beyond. We now practically ruled the shadows and the night itself.

Chapter 10
A fortune left behind

      When the facility was empty again the tables were barren of its shiny armour. It was empty except for a corner of boxes that were left untouched. “ what are you?” I asked out loud. I ripped away the cloth to reveal an old set of armour that looked like it could shift form with the shape of the one who wore it. There was a switch on the side of the helmet. I pressed the button and it made a humming sound. It got louder and louder until all the parts flew out of the box and assembled into a canine recognised that there was no controler so the front opened to reveil the inside of the suit. It reminded me of a springlock suit except safer. It looked so inviting. I stepped inside and it slowly closed around me. it made some adjustments and it came online. I walked around some, and it felt like there was nothing there. So I went out into the mountains and tested. I discovered that it had built in teleporters and a                                                          chameleon circuit as well. It was easy to maneuver and made for good protection. If i wanted to it could convert itself into a small pack that fit snugly into my backpack. I returned to the base and stepped out of the suit and put it away. I found a sleeping quarters and a room like the one on earth, a practice tardis console( except this one had a moving time rotter), shelves of collectible items, one shelf had old sonic screwdriver designs, posters, and book shelves with my favorite books. There was that closet there too. It felt like what I wanted my room to look like. It was weird though, the bed looked like it was made for two people instead of one? Unless… there was a crash out in the store room. On my way out of the room I noticed an old picture frame with me and a group of people. I continued and left the picture frame in the room. When i got out into the room piper was wondering around. “ dude! you keep missing everything.” i said and he gave an annoyed snort,” here, this will help you change between forms.” I gave him a chameleon circuit and he switched to a pug.” of course.” we both said. There was another noise in the prison room. I went to check it out, piper slowly followed. I took out the armour and suited up preparing for anything. I turned a corner and a dark blur flashed before my eyes. I looked in the direction of the blur and it shifted color to white and pink. It was foxy. She was teasing me. So I played along. She was skipping corners by hopping from one corner to the next level down. When she got to the ground floor she stopped in the middle and waited to take me on. We faced each other, waiting for the other to make the next move. I jerked to the left and she flinched to the right. We took one step closer to each other and when we met in the middle she leaned in for a kiss but i bent backwards to dodge it. She lost her balance and fell on top of me and delivered the kiss that way. Piper was one to barge in and interfere. “ finally! I caught up.” he then realized his intrusion and walked away into the trophy hall. We got up and went over what our day was like until we heard a yell from the trophy hall,” HEY GUYS, YOU MIGHT WANT HAVE A LOOK AT THIS!!” we found him behind the main cell and found a door. I opened it and it revealed a large room full of rare and precious materials that could have been worth billions or even trillions. In the middle of the room was a small box. Inside of the small chest was a note,”to myself and any companions or friends or whomever I decide to travel with, you all have this token of what happened before you find this. You are probably wondering how I know this is to you, it is because this facility was so well hidden I could never find it on my own. These riches are NOT to be spent with. There is a few small pouches in the bottom of this box that refills itself when ever something is removed. So spend wisely. The materials  around you are to build things like the tardis and the vortex manipulator or even that armour you found in that corner of the workshop. This place was meant to hold more than one person. And my room was also meant for more than one but no more than two. You can figure that out. There are more rooms than what you have found so far, so happy hunting. And finally there are more notes somewhere in the other rooms, i’ll talk to you then to inform you on what the room holds and what happened in my past and your future. Safe travels!” there were some pouches in the bottom of the box. We put them in our pockets. I said,” only first and second in command can search for those rooms, find anything report to me.” we spread out but piper just stayed in the room with nothing to do. So he just went out to the city and explored. The rest of us explored different levels of the facility. I went low and found a stairway that went down. I followed it and it got dark real fast. I used my screwdriver to light my way. It was another prison block, it was for the deadly ones that had claws of steel and hearts of ice cold stone. There was another hall way with a stairway down wards as well. There was a light switch. I had an odd feeling that something was going to attack me. I summoned my nightmare to aid me for my attack. I took out my armour and applied it. There was a dim light ahead. I switched to my dragon form and braced myself. There was a scraping sound. I light up my sea wing scales to make myself seem a threat. My armour noticed my scale shift and turned transparent where my scales lite up. It obviously worked because there was a cowering dragonet in the corner. He couldn’t have been more than 10 years old. I dimmed my scales to let him see I am not to big a threat. His shaking became more controled and he came out of the corner. There was something wrong. He seemed to get my attention and keep it too well. I had to get out. It wasn’t a dragonet, it was a trap! I turned to flee but a big dragon blocked the way. Before she knocked me out I sent a distress signal to the others saying I need assistance and that some guards and dewdrop were needed as well.
            When I woke up I was strapped to a table as if  to be dissected. The enemy was close by. The young one was watching me closely,” don't think about it. If you struggle it will tighten and eventually cut of circulation.” the other dragon rumbled,” pipsqueak! Stop helping him. He is one of the people that locked us down here.” she turned back to her work. “ the young one responded,” yes mother.” I had to negotiate. “ if… if you let me go they won’t throw you back into your cell.” that got her attention.” what else? What else do you have to offer?” my mind went into a frenzy to find an answer,” You have an attack strategy that no one else has ever used. You can be a legendary soldier. You can be remembered for your tactics.” she pondered for a moment, then there were three loud bangs against the metal door. “ your time to ponder is running out!” I said.” she turned her head in her son's direction,” Pipsqueak! Help him off the table.” he jumped at the strap that pinned my right arm. I loosened all the other straps and went to help with the door. When the door opened the others stormed in and took hold of the two. i said in defence,” no! Stop! They assisted me.they are going to be soldiers with a unique attack strategy. Spread the strategy to the other troops” they let them go and lead them up to the store rooms. I stayed down in the lower levels and looked around. There was another small box. This was meant for me specifically,” you found my note, good job. There are some black matter drives in the bottom of this box. Don't be alarmed, they are specially made to not rupture. These can fit into your suit to have flight boosters so you can fly faster. I had a special love. Her name was ember. She was a fox. But her time didn’t last. She died in battle. Charles went rouge and fought against us. the Z.P.D. thought that they didn’t need us, they were wrong. The prison room was built to store on the army, but I reincarnated before it could finish. That's all I will say for now.” the prisoners were meant to be an army, they just were left behind and practically forgotten and were left there to rote. We still have a lot to figure out, but we will find them in time. Time had flown by, it was time for bed. the others had to figure out who was going to sleep on the floor because there were only three beds and there were four of them. I got in bed and closed my eyes. I now had everything i ever wanted.


         I awoke at midnight like I always did, and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I stared into the darkness. After a good 15 minutes I got up and practiced my tardis flight skills. When I got bored i turned of the replica and wandered around the facility and pondered what happened to me before this life. I went out and watched the city under the moonlight and wandered the city. I bumped into some night howlers and just spoke with them about what we have found so far. After a good two hours I went back to the facility and poked into the sleeping quarters and found that piper, jade, and dune striker were all in beds and foxy was in the corner asleep. In the morning someone was going the get their tail singed, but for the time I laid down in front of her and watched her breath in and out. I watched her sleep gently. There was a slight hiss coming from her through, a hiss only fire breathers can make. For a second her eyes opened. Her eyes seemed to glow for those few seconds. She closed her eyes again and slide closer and wrapped her arms around me. I slept well after that. I knew we were to be together through fire and ice, together for ever, my first and my last. She was the missing piece in my life, and no one could change that.

not many understand that's all fake...