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Using your sona in a story

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Relatively new writer here  wondering if anyone has used their fursona in a story? I have been wanting to do something completely original as most of my works are based off or continuations of a movie. I was thinking something with space as I am fascinated with it and well Sither is from space I think it may be a cool idea. Just wondering thoughts on this an would he still be considered a fursona or more of a muse at that point? 

Varg the wanderer:
Yes. ;)

I'm not sure about you, but for me my fursona and I are one in the same. Well, my fursona has fur and a bit more in the nose department, but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Of course. You can use your fursona as a character just like you can use yourself as a character in a story (What would the character do? Well, I know what I would do!). If you used yourself would that make you a muse to yourself? My 'sona is in nearly all of my early writings as the protagonist, just with different colored fur in each story :p Then I decided I wasn't nearly that interesting of a person and went on to create other characters.

Yeah my sona an I are one in the same so I see what your saying about the muse thing.. I may just create a new charater and see where that goes. I am still pretty new to the whole writing thing but I do love charater and world building, even though most of my building has just been adding on to an existing world.

 Thanks for the input. 

Varg the wanderer:
No problem. And the most important thing is to just write. Like any art you have to make a bunch of crap to get good at it, so don't worry if it sucks. You can always go back and clean it up, fix plot holes, deepen characters, etc. Some of my characters I developed through those crappy stories. By getting to know them in different situations they start to take on a life of their own along with the universe around them. Have fun with it.

And your first draft of any story will be lousy. Don't worry about it. I've tried to write it well enough to post as I write in final form, and it the end it takes too much energy and I end up with a lot of holes. The ones I like the best are the ones I wrote through to completion with the mentality of "I'll fix everything later" and then went over it several times editing it.

Old Rabbit:
Varg is giving you some good info.  I have read writing using yourself as the
main characterisn't generally a good idea unless it's a biography.  If your
fursona is a different person it should be fine.

Now using your own personality is fine. Generally it's a good idea to not
use any one person for a character. You probably don't want someone saying
"Thats me in your story."

Don't forget to work out the story first. Generally writing stories on the fly
without planning generally doesn't end up well.

Also the first draft will need wrewrites. Just keep at it. :orbunny:


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