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*Short story/audio book* Tales of Arillion: Ellie, the mule bred


I went back after learning a few things from my last attempt at writing a story. This time I have come back and tried to really flesh out the world and the style of writing. I have an audio book/visual novel version and the normal written literature versions available. Next story should be out in the same style around August/September. The story does feature some adult themes but is safe for work.

“Tales of Arillion” is a series of short stories set in the world of the Canids, a race of bipedal, humanoid canines. The stories are set in a Middle Ages type milieu on the fictional planet Arillion in the constellation of Orion. The Canids are facing extinction from a parasite known as the ‘Plagued’. The kingdom of Creysil is the last remaining refuge that is habitable and free of Plagued. Within this kingdom, Ellie—a 17 year old “mule bred” (cross breed) is at the bottom of society because of her mixed blood, and is unable to bear children. She lives a miserable life of poverty, but finds a way to blend in with the pure-bred population. Facing the risk of punishment by skinning, she attempts to live a normal life with her new disguise. However, she has not planned for a cruel twist of fate.

Audio book (Basic animations) - https://youtu.be/ZwRc_SCgdJM
Fiction press - https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3324372/1/Tales-of-Arillion-Ellie-the-mule-bred

Project link - https://www.facebook.com/coldheartgame/

Old Rabbit:
We look forward to seeing your work


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Thanks, the two links to the story were in the bottom of the post. I have a fully voiced audio book version and the written version.


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