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NYPD Officer Facing Discipline Over Trump Patch


Kay Alett:

An NYPD cop wearing a Trump themed Punisher skull...

I don't even know where to begin with how ironic this is. How do manage to be that dense and create a black hole?

I'm almost impressed with the feat of irony they pulled off with that. I'm incredibly sickened by it but at the same time my sardonic sense of humor makes me impressed that they could pull off such a level of... hold on I need to consult a thesaurus...

I'm almost impressed with their level of benightedness that I needed to find a word to adequately describe it!

cause the rat:
Need to take a hard look at the effect of brain washing to make any sense of that one. Why anyone, no matter who they are, would think a symbol of racial hate would make them look better.

In truth a police officer is an employee of the state. They can't wear anything that shows affinity to any belief, preference or party. This covers anything they could wear or within or on their vehicle. There have been officers fired in the past for refusing to abide by these rules.


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