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« on: February 09, 2006, 11:33:58 am »
Hubby's been deployed on and off since last summer. He was out of state for several months, visited in october, then again in December for the the holiday. Now he's "over there" and we hope to have him back for a bit during the summer before another course takes him away for 2 more months. We miss him terribly here, the cub and I, but we're fortunate enough to get his phone calls a few times a week... at least for now. '<img'>  He re-enlisted for another 6 years when he got there and has been pinned this week. This promotion was overdue and we're very proud of him. '<img'>

My residency package was sent off in November 05 and was returned 3 times for corrections (the last of which was their mistake). So it went out again at the end of December and I finally got reciepts. They say it'll take 2-4 months for them to process it. So fingers crossed! :bounces: '<img'>

Since his re-enlistment equals a bonus paycheque I'm finally going back to school! I hope to enroll in courses by or before the fall.
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