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« on: November 07, 2007, 11:20:40 am »
I guess I can open this to say that FuzWuzGear has become a hodge podge group made up 3 furs-of-all-trades.

FuzWuzGear was established in 2005 by me and RebelKat. With growing success on online auction sites, we decided to move up to dealing directly at conventions. FWG debuted 1st collections at FWA 2006. Our table featured tail and ear sets, badges and commissioned artwork (by me), t-shirts, furry handcuffs, as well as glowsticks, bead necklaces, and custom engraved dogtags.

FWG's production slowed after me and RebelKat bought a home and began to plan our wedding. We experienced a myriad of home issues which drew away from "furry time." During this break, however, we learned new skills, including many methods of fursuit building.

After a successful round in the Barnyard Market at RCFM 2007, I asked a good friend of ours, Lascivus Lutra to join our team. Las has hosted several tail and ear building workshops and has been working (and taking commissions for) different kinds of fursuits.

We project that 2008 will be our best year yet, and we're looking forward to branching out.

Some new ideas from FWG:

*Butt-Hurt Bunny (buttons, comics)
*Squashed Furs and Button Badges
*Fursuit and Partials Commissions OPEN!
*Pin-Up Calendars (BOTH Genders!'<img'>
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